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Added: May 30, 2009

Tags: UK beach cliffs photos


After we returned from Isle of Wight to Southampton we went to Brimar Guest House. It is very good guest house and I can endorse it. Friendly staff, clean, quiet, very good breakfast.

Our program for Sunday was to explore coast line of Dorset. Me and Peter have been there before, but other people in our group have not. And it is worth of seeing it more times.

It took me longer than usual to decide which photo to select as main for this post. I like to select photo containing red or earth colours if there is some to complement "greenery" of the blog, but I realized many of recent "cover" photos are like that. And it would be mistake if I did not use Durdle Door to represent Dorset.

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Isle of Wight

Added: May 26, 2009

Tags: UK beach castle cliffs photos


Another trip waiting to be published for about 1 month (and there are more waiting). This time we went to the south of England.

Our destination was Isle of Wight as main attraction for Saturday and nearby coast up to Portland for Sunday. The weather was beautiful for whole Saturday.

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Leeds Castle

Added: May 11, 2009

Tags: UK castle photos


Day after visiting Windsor Castle we have been to Leeds Castle in Kent. It is rather small castle, but very nice. It has beautiful garden and cages with exotic birds.

I have finally confirmed myself there that shining sun really makes difference in photos. Simply, it started as cloudy day leading to sombre photos. I still liked them (I like melancholic photos :-) ), but we decided to wait till sun comes out. It took us about 2 hours since we noticed patches of blue sky on north east. It was huge difference! Now, my photos started to look more like postcards (see? this is what happens when nobody is complimenting me :-) )

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Windsor, Eton

Added: May 10, 2009

Tags: UK castle photos


We have been to Windsor 3 weeks ago, but I was not able to publish pictures sooner. We wanted to visit Windsor Castle for long time, but we have always put it aside. Finally we decided to go, seeing nice weather in April.

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My photos got published

Added: May 06, 2009

Tags: info


This post is not about any trip, but it still means a lot for me. This is the first time my photos got published! :-)

I was contacted by Timberbush Tours last summer because they liked my photos on blog I have taken during our trip in Scotland with them. Of course I was delighted when they asked if they could use my photos in their brochures for next year. Not only because it is my first opportunity to get published (without much effort), but also because I really like how Timberbush Tours are doing their business. So it is twice as much honour for me.

Several months passed and I am holding 2 nice brochures in my hands now (trips from Edinburgh and Glasgow). Only 5 of photos are mine, but that's more than I would believe if somebody told me during those trips :-)

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