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Added: August 27, 2016

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View from cable car Dachstein Krippenstein

Year ago we went to short trip to Austria. This post is about hike and visit of ice cave. I am a bit afraid to call it a hike, because time spent walking was similar to time spent waiting for 2 cable cars (plus way back down).

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Added: June 24, 2012

Tags: Austria museum ruins


Another visit to Austria from last year. And again to see a place known to Romans. This time, however, the place had been more important - Carnuntum has been capital of Pannonia Superior.

We visited it in October, it was cloudy and windy, enhancing atmosphere of the place :-) And giving me the chance to apply newly acquired iHDR skills to help the photos.

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Added: June 24, 2012

Tags: Austria garden


Last summer we visited town Baden in Austria. Our friends invited us and we went to this lovely old town with beautiful park and very good spa (as it's name Baden suggests) with thermal water known also to Romans.

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