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Animals of Copenhagen

Added: June 09, 2009

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Nearly half of Sunday we have spent in Copenhagen ZOO. It is very nice, big and most of animals are lucky enough to live in spacious places.

We could spend much more time there and I probably understand why they sell yearly ticket too. From photographer's perspective it not bad way to take photos of interesting animals (at leasts from a sluggish photographer's point of view) :-)

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Life in Copenhagen

Added: June 03, 2009

Tags: Denmark city photos


Because I decided to split "report" about our trip to Copenhagen according to themes, I could not show a few photos I wanted in the last post. Instead I am creating a post dedicated to theme I do not usually pay much attention.

We have been in Copenhagen during weekend and it could affect my observations, but Copenhagen seems to be very quiet city. Suburbs we have seen were peaceful and nice.

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Our trip to Copenhagen during Early Bank Holiday was planned for about half a year. Price of flight tickets was good and Copenhagen is full of modern architecture, so I could not say 'no' to Zuzka. She even bought little book about modern architecture in Copenhagen and that helped to sell the idea of visiting Copenhagen to me easily :-)

So this post will be about architecture. Old and also modern one.

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