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This is about Day 2 of our 2-day tour around Scotland. You can see details of first day here Eilean Donan, Loch Ness & The North West Highlands - Day 1. We will get back to the Glasgow at the end of day and then we go to another tour on Monday.

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As was mentioned in previous post 3 sunny days with Lochs, Glens and Bens we booked 3 days of sitting in the coach rambling around Scotland. This post is dedicated to Day 1 of 2-day tour Eilean Donan, Loch Ness & The North West Highlands.

For those wondering what title of previous post means, here is short explanation: loch - lake, glen - valley, ben - mountain, sun - scarce resource in Scotland :-)

If you did not read previous post, I will try shortly to summarize it: All three days were fantastic!

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Sometime in the middle of April Zuzka and me started to think how to spend Spring Bank Holiday weekend (23th - 26th of May). We checked where we can get from Cardiff (or Bristol) airport and for what price, of course. Flight to Glasgow was at reasonable price (with added feel of urgency by: 'only 4 seats left' or some similar trick). So we booked flight there on Friday evening and back on Monday evening.

But what are we going to do in Glasgow for 3 days? Zuzka has been there before and I am not atracted to cities a lot. Fortunatelly, there is a box in Zuzka's possesion that hides a lot of traveling ideas and dreams :-) She always just reaches in and manifests some nice place. On that day she pulled out leaflet of Timberbush Tours she got last time in Glasgow (or Edinburgh?). After short study we selected two candidates. 2-days tour and preferably 3-days one. Unfortunatelly, we were not able to attend 3-days one due to returning time and going through Edinburgh. We would miss our flight back to Cardiff. So finally we decided to go to Eilean Donan, Loch Ness & The North West Highlands and Loch Lomond, The Trossachs & Stirling Castle for Monday.

I was not sure about these. They seemed fine, but 3 days in a bus... and there is also weather in Scotland :-) Fortunatelly, we did not think about renting a car or planning our own route (as I am really busy with planning our vacation in the middle of June). We would not manage better ourselves. It was great!!!! Very very very very good (to paraphrase our fantastic guide and driver on Eilean Donan tour Gary :-) ). Who would believe we will have 3 sunny days, sometimes without any cloud, fantastic guide on perfectly planned tour! I took 350 photos during 1st day! We have learned a lot about country, its history, hiking hints and movies created there. Monday's tour with Patrick was also fine, but we have seen less moutains and lochs, and it was already our third day, thus we were not so impressed as with the Eilean Donan tour. Being it our first one, we would be completely happy with it too.

I can only RECOMMEND these tours to everybody who likes beauty of nature and speaks English. Timberbush knows what they do and they are very helpful (e.g. to solve problem when I mistakenly booked 2 rooms instead of one and found it only on Friday afternoon before tour). It was my best spent 240 GBP since I came to UK (includes price of tours, entry fees, accomodation and traveling costs).
There are only 2 small things that made it satisfying for me only to 99.5%: There were not enough stops for photography (but I understand that we would not get anywhere if we stopped every time I wanted to press shutter) and 2nd is that we were not able to take picture of Scottish hairy cow (we have seen them though, but we were afraid to ask for stopping ;-) ).

Aha, you came here to see pictures... and now you are starting to be suspicious there are none here... well, yes, it will take some time for me to process them, assign names to at least some of them from pool of thousands of names we heard in bus. I could make them up, but I prefer original (and correct) ones :-) So be patient, I promise they will be here (in following posts) before middle of June.

Update: I have decided to show some panoramas from day 1.

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Update of blog

Added: May 18, 2008

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I changed ordering of posts to more natural way - the newest post is at top (when I had only 3 posts, it was OK to go down a bit for newest one, but it is not so any more).

Tags are added to make searching easier (still needs some work).

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Finally I got enough time to process and sort photos from previous trip to London, Brighton, Seven Sisters, Norwich, Ely and Cambridge.

We had wonderful time there, nice weather, a lot of to see and enjoy. Very good way to spend 3 free days (I hope following Bank Holiday will be even better. Location has really potential, so stay tuned for photos from folowing weekend).

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Sunny day at Three Cliffs Bay

Added: May 13, 2008

Tags: beach photos


I have to skip one 3 days trip, because I am not able to process all photos fast enough. And this short trip came out of blue after realizing Sunday is going to be hot. We decided to go to beach somewhere near Swansea. Frantic looking for places, buses, trains, cooking lunch.

3 hours of traveling (1 hour waiting for next bus in Swansea is counted), then only 2 hours to spend in Gower (and still 1km to go to Three Cliffs Bay).

Very nice place, beautiful and surprising weather for UK and May, but water is quite cold. Unfortunatelly I acclimatized to its coldness only during our walk back to bus. It is pity that last bus leaves to Swansea at 17:54 on Sunday :-(

We left with very good feeling and resolution to get here sooner next time.

Note: I experienced some problems with color management and I am not sure about it, thus these pictures might look differently than I intended them.

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