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Early May Bank Holiday

Added: May 17, 2008

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Finally I got enough time to process and sort photos from previous trip to London, Brighton, Seven Sisters, Norwich, Ely and Cambridge.

We had wonderful time there, nice weather, a lot of to see and enjoy. Very good way to spend 3 free days (I hope following Bank Holiday will be even better. Location has really potential, so stay tuned for photos from folowing weekend).


We went to London to meet with Zuzka's very good friend Almudena and her boyfriend. Zuzka noticed that London can look good if weather is nice. Her previous visits to London were in bad weather...

Note: you might notice that my previous posts do not contain a lot of people. Generally I try avoid them in pictures :-) But for obvious reasons it is not easy to do in London, thus these pictures show surprising amount of them :-(

Rambling around London's centre

Originally I did not want to upload any picture from London, as I expected we will see only typical places and Internet is full of them. But later I changed my mind





Two with Westminster Abbey.

DSC_0573      DSC_0574



London is full of freaks.
DSC_0605      DSC_0595


DSC_0599      DSC_0604

Well this one is no freak at all. He is making big money - at least a way he ask for them suggests that: "... and 20 pounds is what everybody gives me".

I liked his performance, he was funny, but we have seen only 15 minutes of it, so I gave him only 1 quid (I just assumed that others gave him more :-D )


British Museum

I was bit surprised it was allowed to take pictures. Nice of them! :-)

Museum is huge, we were not able to see it all, not to mention to study associated text. At least it's free! :-)


Wow! Rosseta Stone! But it was so crowded, that I could not get closer (to see it better, not for photographing).

Well, I have seen similar things in history text books, but I did not imagine I will see them in real. Zuzka had very good idea to come here.

DSC_0632      DSC_0626

DSC_0637      DSC_0639