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Early May Bank Holiday

Added: May 17, 2008

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Finally I got enough time to process and sort photos from previous trip to London, Brighton, Seven Sisters, Norwich, Ely and Cambridge.

We had wonderful time there, nice weather, a lot of to see and enjoy. Very good way to spend 3 free days (I hope following Bank Holiday will be even better. Location has really potential, so stay tuned for photos from folowing weekend).


We knew there is nice cathedral in Ely and that Ely is close to Cambridge. But we have learned that only after all train/bus tickets were bought. So we did not plan to go there during this trip. At least I did not, but Zuzka still hoped :-) Then during studying train time table in Norwich I found that all trains to Cambridge go through Ely.

"OK, so if we got off the train in Ely, we would have one hour for Ely Cathedral before next train arrives. Deal, let's go to Ely"

We did very well, because Ely is nice little town with beautiful cathedral, house of Oliver Cromwell and some other interesting spots.


DSC_1042      DSC_1048






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