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Our company event continued also on Saturday. According to plan, those of us with stamina and courage will hike some unmarked path to summit of some mountain with rescuer and mountain guide. But then it was decided we all will go together to hike like normal people do :-)

I guess that disappointed our guide Juraj Majer. But what he could expect from bunch of IT guys? On the other hand we were disappointed next morning, when he told us it is too windy for helicopter rescues. So our 1€ insurance will not turn out into helicopter ride. We should probably stick to hiking safely :-)

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This blog is long overdue, but my free time is not what I was used to anymore.

Company I work for had a company event last October in High Tatras. I could not miss such an opportunity. And also our best customer from USA used it for getting to know us better, not to mention to see nicer part of Slovakia than Bratislava :-) Looking back at it, it was probably a bit irresponsible to "force" people giving you money to hike in the mountains but they fared well. And survived. All of them. :-)

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Early autumn in High Tatras (Slovakia) is often the best time of year to visit. It is usually stable weather with nice blue sky and acceptable temperatures. It was valid last summer even more. It was unusually warm for October 1st and it was at least one month since last rain.

We decided to go particularly to Kvetnicové Pleso because there was some yoga meet-together and my in-laws practicing yoga were interested.

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