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Hike to Téryho Chata

Added: August 02, 2013

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This blog is long overdue, but my free time is not what I was used to anymore.

Company I work for had a company event last October in High Tatras. I could not miss such an opportunity. And also our best customer from USA used it for getting to know us better, not to mention to see nicer part of Slovakia than Bratislava :-) Looking back at it, it was probably a bit irresponsible to "force" people giving you money to hike in the mountains but they fared well. And survived. All of them. :-)

We left Bratislava by train too early in the morning to have any nice memories, but I do. Thanks to our office manager we were served nice and hearty breakfast. She is really good at that, and not only during company events, but also during normal work days, because she cooks us cakes quite often. Thank you very much Kristina!

Nearly 4 hours ride plus 20 more minutes by connection train to Starý Smokovec passed pretty well, we accommodated and went to eat at 10:30. That is always problem in High Tatras, where restaurants don't want any customers, not to mention group of 20. "Why you want to eat here?" or "We are not cooking so early." That something we could not explain well to our guests. Maybe a story about money laundering was enough for them.

We decided for something easier the first day, after all we were not slept enough today... Mountain cottage Téryho Chata with mountain lakes named Päť Spišských Plies must do. Nice, and it is just about 2.5 hours one way, that should be possible even when starting at noon.

Malá Studená dolina

Our group started spread out quickly. As usually, I was in the last group. Not because I was lazy, but I had a camera which asked for using. Well, yes, I don't mind to rest often, but camera is the good excuse :-)

Some people from our last group finished at chalet Zamkovského chata after one hour of walking. Others were continuing. Following photos of valley Malá Studená dolina (I consider it funny to translate geografic names, but here you go: Small Cold Valley) are from this part of hike.





When we reached this point and we could see our destination in distance (above place where waterfall is flowing) I have realized it is not possible we will be back before sunset. Actually, if I want to take photos of mountain lakes (Päť Spišských Plies) with any sun shine I better hurry. These are things which motivate me. A vision of lost nice photo and vision of lost meal :-D


Windy cold place, but sun is still shining

50 minutes later, 2 more colleagues returning back, barely catching my breath, I am finally there at altitude 2015m. Sun is still shining, but cold is terrible. Probably thanks to wind, because it is pretty hot day for early October in High Tatras.








Late for dinner

After refreshing with hot tea and some spirit I am back out to take more photos. Then I see everybody is already heading back. I was in last group to climb here (but the 1st from them). I know I will be somewhere at the end while returning, but I don't want to be too much late, so I unwillingly pack my camera and go down. I even forgot to take photo of Téryho Chata.

As I expected, we came down to Hrebienok during dusk and we still need to walk down to Starý Smokovec, because ground cable car is not operating at 5pm in autumn. That is another 30 minutes. Well, our dinner will be late today.