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Hike to Veľké Hincovo Pleso

Added: August 02, 2013

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Our company event continued also on Saturday. According to plan, those of us with stamina and courage will hike some unmarked path to summit of some mountain with rescuer and mountain guide. But then it was decided we all will go together to hike like normal people do :-)

I guess that disappointed our guide Juraj Majer. But what he could expect from bunch of IT guys? On the other hand we were disappointed next morning, when he told us it is too windy for helicopter rescues. So our 1€ insurance will not turn out into helicopter ride. We should probably stick to hiking safely :-)

Popradské Pleso

The first part of hike is about 1 hour, about a half of it is up to hill, but it was decided everybody will make it. Those who want to stay at lake Popradské Pleso can, everybody else will go to Veľké Hincovo Pleso.

I've been to Popradské Pleso many times. In summer and also in winter. But never in autumn. And it seems it is autumn when it is the most beautiful. Deciduous trees get nice red and yellow colors, everything else is pretty green. And early October also brings fair weather with blue sky often. Certainly more often than is average from summer, when it is raining every second day (according to statistics).

hike to Popradske Pleso


Popradske Pleso, High Tatras

Popradske Pleso, High Tatras

Popradske Pleso, High Tatras

The previous 2 photos are from morning, following 2 photos are from afternoon.
Popradske Pleso, High Tatras

Popradske Pleso

To Veľké Hincovo Pleso

Smaller group of us continued uphill to our destination at altitude 1944m. Two even decided (long before I arrived to Popradské Pleso), they will make more challenging hike to chalet Chata pod Rysmi (altitude 2250m).

One unnamed colleague started bitching, about it being too far, path is not in ideal condition and similar and she really looked forward to buy a bottle of beer up there. Nobody was brave enough to tell her there is no chalet at Veľké Hincovo Pleso and she will need to manage without it. On the other hand she managed to finish the hike and that might not happen if she knew the truth beforehand.



There it is, chalet Chata pod Rysmi. Don't be confused, it is 200mm zoom lens.
Chata pod Rysmi

Our little group, with our (hopefully not very bored) guide.


One look back to Popradské Pleso in distance. Zoomed again, but not so much.
Popradske Pleso

Veľké Hincovo Pleso

Veľké Hincovo Pleso is the biggest and deepest mountain lake in High Tatras. Its depth of 53.7m is impressive.

I've been here once probably 15 years ago, so I did not remember how nice it was. I think we did not have such a nice weather then. Well, it is nice today, but cold and windy. That is also reason why we don't stay long enough as I would wish (to take photos).

Nearly there. No more climbing up hill.





Let's go back

Just a few more photos from our way down. Those from Popradské Pleso are shown earlier in their own section.

This was longer hike (started properly in the morning), we got very nice blue sky and a lot of sunshine, so I liked it much more than the hike to Téryho Chata yesterday.

Are our colleagues already returning from Chata pod Rysmi yet? No, not yet.

Juraj Majer waiting for that slow photographer again...