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Deep sky objects

Added: September 11, 2016

Tags: astro photos
Same place a same time as the last post. This post will show deep sky objects (AKA smudges), all of them will be 100% crops and they look less impressive than previous post. It is caused by simple conditions used for taking photos - static camera, short exposures , insufficient focal length and manual focusing.

M31 Andromeda Galaxy and M110.
36 exposures at 15sec each, ISO 3200, focal length 70mm.

M33 Triangulum galaxy. This crop comes from the same photo as previous M31.

NGC7000 North America nebula.
36 exposures at 20 sec, ISO 3200, 24mm

M101 galaxy. I did not expect much from this photo. And I did not get much.
26 exposures at 6s, ISO 3200, focal lenght 70mm.

M51 galaxy. Taken from previous photo. I found it during processing, I did not expect to get it at all.

h and χ Persei, Double Cluster.
36 exposures at 15sec, ISO 3200, 24mm
h and χ Persei