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Added: August 27, 2016

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Year ago we went to short trip to Austria. This post is about hike and visit of ice cave. I am a bit afraid to call it a hike, because time spent walking was similar to time spent waiting for 2 cable cars (plus way back down).

Our destination is a mountain in distance. Photo taken from bottom station of cable car.

Cable car overcomes nearly vertical wall, offering interesting views.
View from cable car Dachstein Krippenstein

View from cable car Dachstein Krippenstein

View from cable car Dachstein Krippenstein

The first cable car stops at place where it is possible to visit (at least) 2 caves. But we are heading to second cable car that will take us even higher.

Ideal conditions for lazy walkers opens up there after stepping out from the 2nd cable car. It is possible to walk for quite long time without much strength needed, while karst limestone and distant mountains offer beautiful views.

But then, you can decide to do proper mountain hike too. Actually, Dachstein in title of his post is in distance and we don't plan or have time to get there. So it is lazy walk for us today.

Cable car station at Dachstein

Cable car heading closer to Dachstein.

Dachstein glacier in distance. It is pity we had clouds around the tallest mountains.
Dachstein glacier

Wooden houses at Dachstein

Wooden houses at Dachstein with cable car

Wooden houses at Dachstein with cable car

Dachstein karst

Dachstein chapel

Several paraglaiders were launching here, this one was a bit unlucky with wind.
Paraglaider at Dachstein

Hallstätter See

Cloudy mountains did not offer much of view, but other direction got proper amount of clouds of correct sizes and shapes. They nicely decorated hills and lake Hallstätter See down there



Five Fingers. Viewing platform offering amazing views.
Tourists standing at Five Fingers, Dachstein

Ice Cave

We visited Dachstein Ice Cave at the end of our hike and it was very nice ending. This is second ice cave I have visited (other one is in Slovakia - Demänovská Ice Cave). I think the one in Dachstein is slightly less interesting, nevertheless it is worth to visit it.

View of both entrance and exit of ice cave, viewed from cable car.
entrance and exit to ice cave, Dachstein

Ice cave, Dachstein

Ice cave, Dachstein

Ice cave, Dachstein

Ice cave, Dachstein

View offered after exiting from case.
Dachstein ice cave