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Maldives - Sun Island

Added: August 07, 2016

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We wanted to book some activities on Holiday Island, but they were either full or happened only once a week on day we were travelling. Only trip that we managed to do was to visit nearby Sun Island. It is resort operated by the same company so boat ride was for free. We just needed to pick one of departure times and sign for it on reception.

Sun Island is bigger, maybe 3 times and also more developed. It even has a pool. From my point of view, it was overcrowded. So we made very good decision when we picked Holiday Island - it was more suitable for us. That, however, does not mean all those hundreds of people on Sun Island picked badly :-)

This is how Sun Island looked from out island. We really liked those overwater bungalows.
Sun Island, Maldives



School of fish near jetty
school of fish, Sun Island, Maldives

Can you see how many people are on beach? Did you notice so many people on my photos of Holiday Island? No, you could not.
Sun Island, Maldives

I have to say, Sun Island looked good. It has very nice pool, but we did not came there to spend time in a pool. We wanted to go around and especially see those overwater bungalows. So we made only short stop at this side of island and then we started to find a way to other side.

Pool at Sun Island, Maldives

pool at Sun Island, Maldives

Sun Island, Maldives

We did not find direct route immediately, so we went around through forest. When we got to overwater bungalows, we were disappointed. Nothing fancy, just a lot of "concrete". Exactly like our bungalow, just above water.

Then we found "abandoned" sun bed (we felt like trespassing even more than on our island) and cooled down in sea until it was time to go back.



Spa and tortoise surprise

We went back to boat with some spare time, just in case we found something interesting. And we did. A spa in Chinese style. Again, no money spent.

And finally we got a surprise in "main building" - there was a pool with tortoises (I think they collected and saved the eggs).

Spa at Sun Island, Maldives

Spa at Sun Island, Maldives

Spa at Sun Island, Maldives

a staff or customer?



Photos from boat

I have last 2 photos to show. First is panorama taken shortly before we arrived to Sun Island and the other one is from our ride back.

Panorama of Sun Island, Maldives

Sunset at Sun Island, Maldives