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Finally I am able to publish about the 5th day in Iceland. Actually, photos were ready before our Norway trip, but I did not have time to select them.

Wednesday 18th of June is even better weather than last day. It is sunny, but with much better visibility. Our planned mileage is smaller today, but there is paid attraction with possibility of many people in queue.

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We are back from Norway. It was great, I really don't understand how we could think Norway is not as nice as Iceland :-) Maybe weather somehow fulfilled those fears, because we had much better weather in Iceland.

What was really surprising, many parts of Norway reminded us Slovakia. Mountains, valleys were often very similar. Of course Arctic circle and fjords were completelly different. Cherries were bigger and together with strawberries they were much more expensive. Still we bought about 2kg of strawberies and 1 kg of cherries per person...

It might sound a bit of familiar now, but I am not able to show many photos from Norway yet. I still have half of Iceland unfinished and I would like to finish it first. What might help with sooner publication abour Norway is that I do not remember much from Iceland now ;-) .

To show you at least something - here you have panorama from Bergen: Bryggen.

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Original plan was to finish all posts about Iceland today. However, as is quite normal, a lot of problems occured so I was not able to finish more than one half. There were problems with color management, not enough time during evenings and finally (this is not problem, it was planned) I needed to finish details about our Norway trip that begins later tomorrow (Thursday).

So I would like to appologize to all few readers I have and beg for their patience. I'll be back and then everything gets published. In the meantime you can look forward for big waterfalls, more lupines, geothermal fields and similar. Not to mention fjords from Norway, even higher mountains and trees :-)

Small preview of missing photos from Iceland:

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Tuesday 17th of June is finally sunny and beautiful. No wind is added bonus. I wish all our days were sunny here.

Whole bunch of waterfalls is planned for today, some are small, some tall, and at least 2 are famous. A word about waterfalls. Our plan contains about 16 waterfalls, but we probably have seen so many of them already. But most of them were small streams falling from cliff. Interesting sight, but we are getting to be used to that. Day after afternoon we will stop taking pictures of those anonymous completely :-)

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Monday 16th of June we plan to go to Landmannalaugar. Later we are going to move to the Skógar.

Landmannalaugar is geothermal and volcanic area full of unbelievable colors. It was expected to be one of highlights of our holidays in Iceland and I looked forward to it for long time. Problem is that it is rather cloudy and rain is expected.

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