About me and this site

Purpose of site

The purpose of this site is to share information and photos taken during my trips with anybody who is interested. I hope you will enjoy my posts at least as I enjoy publishing them. If you were able to find them useful it would be even better.

Currently I have 2 dedicated blogs:

About me

I am software developer, doing what I do because I like it a lot. I use Java professionally (I still like it, even it annoys me sometimes and I would like to use something else (.NET is out of question)). In my spare time I try to enhance my Ruby and Ruby on Rails skills (this could explain why Java annoys me :-) ).

I am passionate about my work, trying to enjoy it all the time as well as to help others to achieve the same goal. I am seeking every possibility to learn new things and making them to impact results of my work. I am not afraid to try new ideas or push my ideas to others. I prefer learning from mistakes of others, this is reason why I read a lot. Most of ideas presented here are not mine. They come from difrent sources I stumbled upon. Excelence in work is important to me. Not only in results of my work - I expect the same from my peers.

When I am not able to make things better, I turn my attention to my other passion - Photography. I have smaller objectives in this area, because I am not making money through it, so I don't need to be in hurry. If my photos get better one day - great, but I will enjoy photography other way too.

I shoot with my Nikon D200, I am using Nikkor 18-200/f.3.5 VR most of the time. Postprocessing is done usually in DXO.

I am from Bratislava, Slovakia. Currently I live in Cardiff, UK, enjoying rainy weather a lot (Seriously, I am not kidding!).