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Early May Bank Holiday

Added: May 17, 2008

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Finally I got enough time to process and sort photos from previous trip to London, Brighton, Seven Sisters, Norwich, Ely and Cambridge.

We had wonderful time there, nice weather, a lot of to see and enjoy. Very good way to spend 3 free days (I hope following Bank Holiday will be even better. Location has really potential, so stay tuned for photos from folowing weekend).


We came here to see Norwich castle and if time allows also cathedral. We had only 2 hours (or bit more, I do not remember now).

Norwich Castle

Interesting thing is that Norwich castle was used as prison for hundreds of years. We did not know that and it would probably distract us if we knew before :-)

I like it a lot (castle and exhibition) but we do not have enough time to see it thoroughly.



DSC_1000      DSC_1004


DSC_0990      DSC_1017

Couple of pictures from inside


Norwich streets

Just couple of pictures from streets - Norwich is nice town. We hurried to cathedral, becaue it was so close... still one hour to train.



Norwich Cathedral

DSC_1023      DSC_1030