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Life in Copenhagen

Added: June 03, 2009

Tags: Denmark city photos
Because I decided to split "report" about our trip to Copenhagen according to themes, I could not show a few photos I wanted in the last post. Instead I am creating a post dedicated to theme I do not usually pay much attention.

We have been in Copenhagen during weekend and it could affect my observations, but Copenhagen seems to be very quiet city. Suburbs we have seen were peaceful and nice.

Bicycles are everywhere.

I wanted to take photo of these men studying menu, but I was not fast enough. They were probably fast decision makers or just really hungry.

Not only bicycles were everywhere. Also electric lines are quite ubiquitous.

Is this public drinking? Or invasion of privacy?

Did I mention, bicycles are everywhere? BTW, this bicycle was shown previously. Your task is to find where.

The Royal Guard of Danish Army is even harder to photograph than wildlife. He always turns his back to you. But I did succeed eventually :-)

Question is if Little Mermaid belongs to life or architecture. In my mind it is closer to life, hence it is here.

What is this? Ugly step sister of Little Mermaid? Or failed experiment? :-)

Again - is it architecture or life?

If I had to say what I liked most in Copenhagen I would probably pick this traffic light. For impatient people like me it is real tranquillizer. You know exactly how long you are going to wait.
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