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My photos got published

Added: May 06, 2009

Tags: info
This post is not about any trip, but it still means a lot for me. This is the first time my photos got published! :-)

I was contacted by Timberbush Tours last summer because they liked my photos on blog I have taken during our trip in Scotland with them. Of course I was delighted when they asked if they could use my photos in their brochures for next year. Not only because it is my first opportunity to get published (without much effort), but also because I really like how Timberbush Tours are doing their business. So it is twice as much honour for me.

Several months passed and I am holding 2 nice brochures in my hands now (trips from Edinburgh and Glasgow). Only 5 of photos are mine, but that's more than I would believe if somebody told me during those trips :-)

Two captures from PDF draft follow. I am lazy to pull camera out and play with white balance in artificial light and I do not want to wait till weekend.



I have got those PDFs about month ago, but I wanted to wait with blogging until I receive printed copy. I forgot completely about that until I have received a parcel. To my surprise it was not containing any brochures, but bottle of whisky. And not just any, but very special one - The Famous Pavol! :-) Thank you very much Timberbush, it was really nice surprise.



Now, only if that decision "to drink it or not to drink it" was not so hard...