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India Day 11 - Amritsar

Added: January 25, 2009

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Tuesday 11th November is our last day for exploration of India. Tomorrow we are heading home, but we are going to enjoy Golden Temple again. Yesterday evening we have spent there about one hour, but we will have more time for it today...

We woke up at 5:45 as we wanted to see sun rise. We showered, had breakfast, I have helped Zuzka to wear saree and we were ready to go. Receptionist looked puzzled when he saw us. We left our shoes in locker again, washed hands and feet and went in.

It was different with light. It was still foggy, but less than yesterday. Hundreds of people were there like previous evening. We went next to "bridge" to see sunrise behind temple. In the beginning we were standing, but bit later somebody told us to sit down. So we sat down on marble floor. I was looking around to see if people are using their cameras or not. We were told yesterday that it was not allowed to use camera inside temple or photographing Book, but we were not sure about its usage on encircling walkway. Typical mixed messages - we could see people taking pictures yesterday, even one Sikh told Zuzka where she should go to take better photo when they moved The Holy Book to other building for night.


Finally we could see sun. I was not afraid to take photos any more, only a few metres away from us was huge cine camera on tripod, so my D200 looked insignificant :-)

I took a few photos of Zuzka, but it was very hard lighting condition, so results were not good. When I have learned what needs to be done then Zuzka was not happy with composition or there were other minor problems. So I retook photo about 20 times. After so many repetitions I was not sure about taking photos again. People around were looking at us. Sikhs are very nice and friendly people, but how could I know how friendly they get after small show we've just made? :-) It turned out they are really friendly, smiling at us.





I like this photo a lot. It has fantastic colours and atmosphere.

Day at Golden Temple

After satisfying sunrise we started going around. Slowly, enjoying peaceful atmosphere of this place. Colours were slowly changing, fog started to be bit annoying as we already have had atmospheric photos and I wanted blue sky. But it was still there, making interesting but washed up photos.

We have spent there several hours. People were really nice, asking us if they could take photo of us (even video), telling us interesting things about history (originally there was no water and gold here, they were introduced later).

We went to eat free food they offered in nearby building. Later we were invited for cup of tea. As I said, Sikhs are very hospitable people.

We left at about 11pm as we needed to check out from hotel, but returned later. Our backpacks were in luggage storage I was not considering safe, but everything went well. Hints of blue sky could be seen since then - finally my photos will be better now.






This one was bit modified regarding colours. If you guessed blue sky you would be guessing correctly. Or maybe all others have incorrect white balance...

This guy offered us he will take photo for us yesterday and twice today. He was smiling and really enjoying possibility to play with camera. Unfortunately his results were worse than this "payback" I made secretly without putting camera to my eye.



DSC_0658_raw      DSC_0728_raw


Lots of people were here all the time.




Outside of Golden Temple

It was unbelievably peaceful in area of Golden Temple. Nice music was playing all the time, people were smiling, going slowly around or performing their religious duties. But as we went outside of complex we were immediately struck by contrast of normal Indian life I got used before, but somehow forgot about inside.

Chaos, sellers, rickshaw drivers offering their service, smell. I am showing a few photos, just to see the difference.





Women hauling bricks.

Back to New Delhi

Our trip to India got to its end. At 4pm we returned to hotel to take pre-paid taxi back to airport. No more photos from India will follow :-(

As is typical for me we arrived to to airport really soon (more than 2 hours before flight). It was intentional this time, because we could have problem to catch plane to London tomorrow in case we missed this flight.

I was surprised by security at airport - more uniformed men wanted to see our flight ticket than before. Again all of them were satisfied with printout that would not be very hard to fake.

I was not able to find toilet before check-in and I have learned I need to go back through whole security to get outside and use visitors space where working toilet was located. So I have explained every policeman I am going to loo. When I was done I just smiled and nodded to all of them and they did not bother me again with "paperwork". Funny.

Flight was uneventful, ride to hostel too. Surprise was that receptionist asked us to wait for manager who should come soon. When he arrived he told us there are no available rooms. So I told him we have reservation and he found one. It was smellier than last time, probably because it was at ground level and smell came from outside, but it was better than nothing. Even worse was that loud music was playing whole night and we could not sleep. Avoid Smile Inn!