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India Day 10 - New Delhi

Added: January 24, 2009

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Monday 10th of November we woke up at 7:30. We went to hostel roof for breakfast, after it we packed ourselves and went to reception to pay for night. Price was 702, but somehow I could not find 2 rupees so manager said it was OK :-) No problem, we will return here next day, so I will repay my dept then ;-)

We plan to see New Delhi today and then we are flying to Amritsar afternoon. Many places are closed in New Delhi, because it is Monday so we do not have many stops today.

Our first stop was Humayun's Tomb. We needed rickshaw so we planned to find some in Main Bazaar. But the first rickshaw driver said it will be better to take taxi. The 2nd one was willing to take us there, but insisted on 150 Rs, so we agreed.

Whole ride was quite long, but probably not worth of 150 Rs. New Delhi was full of smog, visibility was not good, smell of traffic terrible.

Humayun's Tomb

Our first stop today is Humayun's Tomb. It is area with several tombs, most of them are in bad shape. Humayun's Tomb and gardens are very nice though. Only if that smog was not there...

Entrance fee was 250 Rs (I do not remember if we paid also for camera or not). For that price it could be a bit better, but we were satisfied in general.




That is finally Humayun's Tomb.


I am not satisfied with photos with scaffolding usually, but following two were most colourful photos I took there. Sun was shining from correct side and fog did not have a chance to kick in for such a short distance.


Lodhi Garden

The second and last place we intended to visit in New Delhi was Lodhi Garden. We found rickshaw near Humayun's Tomb and "forced" its driver to take us there for 50 Rs. We claimed it is quite close and we could walk there so he probably decided he would do a favour to tourism if he took us there for 50 :-) (still I am sure we overpaid again :-) )

When we got to Lodhi Garden I have noticed a boy selling drinks. We needed a new batch of water because we did not buy any in hostel. To my surprise bottle of water cost 50 Rs! He did not change price even after I told him he must be crazy. He knew he is only seller on that side of garden... or he did not want to sell it to us (and he succeeded in that! :-) )

Garden was nice surprise as there was a lot of shade and nice climate. It was not hot there. Finally some good resting place.

We went around, took photos of everything worthwhile until we have found a bridge that was in Zuzka's book about India. It was not as nice in this foggy weather without sun though. We took picture or two and then Zuzka took out blanket from her backpack and we made a picnic there.

We stayed there for several hours. Eventually sun came and the bridge was lit much better. So we took another bunch and photos and we could leave to airport satisfied.

We used different entrance where another boy was selling water. This time I badly needed something to drink. Fortunately this boy was not such strong salesman and we got to MRP price after a few sentences.




There are some tombs also in Lodhi Garden.










We went to domestic airport. It was rather interesting experience. Total chaos. KingFisher was boarding 3 flights at once and they had only one gate of their own, so they used gate belonging to some other carrier. 2 flights were boarded by that one. As we went through gate we were put to right and some other people to left. Flight attendant was running between those 2 gates, everyone was in hurry and stressed. People were asking in shuttle bus each other to see if majority of us is going to Amritsar or not ;-)

Eventually we landed in Amritsar. But it was completely foggy. We got pre-paid taxi to our hotel. It was terribly expensive - 1000 Rs for return ride! I asked why and the response was "Due to security. This is rough place". It sounded reassuring ;-) so we agreed.

Amritsar is interesting place. It was the only city where we could see shops with glazed windows! Of course, there were also garages, but seeing real 2.5m high glass on shops took as aback :-)

When we arrived to our hotel, they tried to give us more expensive room, but I just waved with our print-out from hostelbookers and they gave us small one ;-). Porter did not forget to mention in our room that it has hot water in shower. I imagine that it is source of huge pride in India to have hot water (not only heated by sun).

We have changed our clothes and went to Golden Temple (our only reason we came to Amritsar). It was about 10pm, but it is open 24/7. Unfortunately I forgot to change battery in my camera so it died after a few photos :'-(

I bought funny orange (saffron?) head cover as hats are not allowed in Golden Temple. We left our shoes in locker, washed hands, went through little pool and then we finally sighted the holiest site of Sikhism.


Before we went to Golden Temple we have noticed strange thing on the wall. "Really strange style to decorate walls like this" was our thought. But when we returned the decoration was at different place! So I called reception and they came to expel it to different room :-)