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India Day 9 - Jodhpur

Added: December 21, 2008

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Sunday 9th November. We slept rather well, it was quiet place again even it looked like we found another place with festival yesterday. We woke up at 6:30 to see sunrise - it would be big mistake to miss sunrise in Jodhpur.

Our plan for that day was to see Mehrangarh Fort and nothing else as our flight to New Delhi was moved 3 hours sooner so we needed to finish at noon. It is pity, Jodhpur has many places to offer to visitors. But what could we expect if we had only one day for every place?

Unpaid photos

This page will show photos we did not need to pay to get them. I do not count payment for room, even I probably should :-)

Sunrise in Jodhpur

We went to roof top terrace we were shown yesterday. It has been already light, but sun was not up yet. Colours were nice and strange at the same time. Nice, but I hoped for nicer. We will see what will happen later. I hope we will see the sun, not like sunset in Agra where sun got lost before setting...

We really were directly below Fort, I would say ideal place as Fort is on one side and Clock Tower with The Umaid Bhawan Palace on the other and I expect sun to rise somewhere there.

We are only a few "blocks" from Fort :-) But colours are not as I hoped for yet. Notice blue houses - Jodhpur is called Blue City thanks to them.

Clock Tower and The Umaid Bhawan Palace.

Jaswant Thada.

Sun is finally here :-)


Colours started to change immediately.



DSC_0186_raw      DSC_0190_raw


Another proof we have been very close to Fort :-)

Security technology on our room.


Panorama of whole Fort. Somehow it is squashed a lot and I was not able to fix it. Originally the fort is much wider :-)

To the Fort

After satisfying sunrise shooting we ate breakfast, paid 1001 Rs for room and went to Fort. Hostel owner told us that the best way to get there is by walking.

Still we arrived there soon and need to wait there. But there were nice photo opportunities so it was not wasted time at all.


DSC_0236_raw      DSC_0237_raw



Why are asses always let in before you?


DSC_0242_raw      DSC_0244_raw


Jaswant Thada is not so far, we might even go there, if time allows.