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India Day 8 - Jaisalmer

Added: December 20, 2008

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Saturday 8th November we woke up rather tired. We could hear life on streets for most of the night and it was really hot in our room because we closed windows as anti mosquito precaution (we had seen some in the evening). As I opened balcony a fresh cool air went inside. Well, we probably made mistake...

A group of tourists stopped in from of our hotel, directly below me and their guide explained something to them. After some time another bunch of tourists repeated the same ritual so it could not be coincidence. Mental note - I need to take photo from outside regardless of crammed space.

Hotel owner asked when our train is running - at 16:00. "You can leave your luggage here and return at about 2pm. Then you can refresh yourself shortly in your room before you leave." Thank you very much, we really appreciate this possibility :-) This would never happen in normal hotel with normal hotel manager...


Did I mention our room in Shreenath Palace was wonderful?

DSC_9902_raw      DSC_9908_raw

Hotel from outside, I have used that balcony on the 1st floor to spy rival tourists :-)

Jain temples

Only a few meters from hotel are Jain temples. They were closed yesterday, but we should be more lucky today.

Apart from necessity to be barefoot in other temples we have seen before, I could not take my hat and bottle of water inside. So I put those precious resources on the floor and went inside to utilize rather cheap tickets.

The Jain temples did not disappoint us. They were very nice even we were allowed only to 2 of them.




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Jaisalmer Fort

After seeing Jain temples we tried to find way out of Fort. It took us some time as streets were rather complicated there.

Jaisalmer Fort is lively fort where about 300 families live in complete symbiosis with tourists, cows, Italian restaurants and Internet. Yes, Internet is everywhere. I guess planners of fort were open minded enough to plan for high speed cables ;-) What they underestimated was water. It is the biggest problem in Jaisalmer, because 15mm of rain in year is not enough for those terrible tourists wanting to take shower at least twice a day!





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