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Added: May 30, 2009

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After we returned from Isle of Wight to Southampton we went to Brimar Guest House. It is very good guest house and I can endorse it. Friendly staff, clean, quiet, very good breakfast.

Our program for Sunday was to explore coast line of Dorset. Me and Peter have been there before, but other people in our group have not. And it is worth of seeing it more times.

It took me longer than usual to decide which photo to select as main for this post. I like to select photo containing red or earth colours if there is some to complement "greenery" of the blog, but I realized many of recent "cover" photos are like that. And it would be mistake if I did not use Durdle Door to represent Dorset.

Corfe Castle

Our first short stop was at Corfe Castle. Nice blue sky was replaced with heavy clouds so my photos do not look very nice.


These two are not from castle, but from town.
DSC_1716_raw      DSC_1718_raw

Swanage and Old Harry rocks

After seeing Corfe Castle we continued to Swanage. From all surroundings of Swanage we hiked to Old Harry rocks only. We decided to skip other places there to save time.

It is pity it was cloudy, as sun would make following photos much nicer.




Durdle Door

The main attraction for today's trip was Durdle Door - famous arch from rock.

The weather started to get nicer again, so we got also sunshine. I would prefer to stay longer as sun would be in better position, but we were only in the middle of planned attractions and we needed to return back to Cardiff in the evening.






Lulworth Cove

To get to Durdle Door you need to park near Lulworth Cove in West Lulworth. We explored the cove after we returned from Durdle Door.

5 (or 6?) types of rock formed Lulworth Cove and they are clearly visible there. I liked small exhibition dedicated to geology of this region next to tourist shop. And I have to say I liked also tourist shop - a lot of rocks, many different from typical rocks offered in shops of this type.

Lulworth Cove from track to Durdle Door.

Geological history of this region is nicely visible.



From other side of Lulworth Cove, near to Fossil Forest.

Fossil Forest

On the other side of Lulworth Cove is tiny track to something really special - fossil forest. The track goes through army firing range, so it is safe to get there only during weekends as far as I know. I can highly recommend it.

What we can see is not fossilised wood of prehistoric trees, but algae surrounding the wood.



Portland Bill

We finished our trip to south by going to Portland Bill. There were 2 attractions at one place for me. The lighthouse and very nice rock formation created as result of quarrying.




Zuzka taking "macro" of Pulpit Rock :-)

And finally something different. I have taken several photos of Pulpit Rock, just to get some good picture. They all look similar, so maybe I can add some interest by putting them together.