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Isle of Wight

Added: May 26, 2009

Tags: UK beach castle cliffs photos
Another trip waiting to be published for about 1 month (and there are more waiting). This time we went to the south of England.

Our destination was Isle of Wight as main attraction for Saturday and nearby coast up to Portland for Sunday. The weather was beautiful for whole Saturday.

We headed to Southampton with short diversion to Stonehenge. I have been there last year, but it was cloudy then so I would invite some nice photo. Unfortunately we arrived too soon and even those of our group who wanted to actually pay for it were out of luck. So we took only a few photos from behind the fence. It was bit more tricky for me compared to P&S cameras as I needed to shoot over the fence and that is not easy without seeing anything on the display. Eventually I got useful photo.

Ferry to Isle of Wight

Our ferry was slightly smaller than this.

But much larger than these!

It was about like this.
I wanted to show also some photo with our group, but they did not cooperate. Either everybody looked to different direction or when they started to concentrate on their "job" wind created unpublishable creations with girls' hair. And I am not going to risk that.

Carisbrooke Castle

Our first stop after arrival to Isle of Wight was Carisbrooke Castle. We went around, took a few pictures and rushed away to our next stop.




This is as close as I could get to popular computer screen background with blue sky, white clouds, green pastures and a lonely tree. Unfortunately with 4 people waiting for me there was not much time for exploration of better foregrounds :-(


Godshill is famous for its picturesque houses with thatched roofs. Whole village is very nice and it would be huge mistake if we avoided it.





Rambling around Shanklin

We had longer stop in Shanklin, we even paid for parking :-)

Peter with Patrick are looking for geocache and I have time for zooming around. (Do not hope that by analysis of angles you will get to that geocache without GPS, photo was not taken next to it)


Finally some photo for serious geeks :-D

Road to Alum Bay

Hmm, my titles are getting less and less creative. But there was not much to make nicer title.

We were heading to the west around south coast well aware our time is slowly running out. So we made only 2-3 stops along the road.

I do not understand why it is reserved place for wheelchairs here. It's a bit scary.


Alum Bay

Finally we arrived to most sought for place at Isle of Wight. Alum Bay with its multi coloured sands on the cliff and nice beach with pebbles. Rocky formations Needles are not very far.

Unfortunately we needed to return to ferry soon, so we could not hike to Needles or wait for better sunset colours :-(





I am not afraid to show this picture, because I am one who looks the worst. No fear of retaliation :-)


And finally Needles

Back to Southampton

We needed to return to Southampton and timetable of ferry forced us to leave sooner that we wanted.

We could only afford one short stop for geocache that Zuzka used for exploring of modern architecture on this beautiful island.