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Leeds Castle

Added: May 11, 2009

Tags: UK castle photos
Day after visiting Windsor Castle we have been to Leeds Castle in Kent. It is rather small castle, but very nice. It has beautiful garden and cages with exotic birds.

I have finally confirmed myself there that shining sun really makes difference in photos. Simply, it started as cloudy day leading to sombre photos. I still liked them (I like melancholic photos :-) ), but we decided to wait till sun comes out. It took us about 2 hours since we noticed patches of blue sky on north east. It was huge difference! Now, my photos started to look more like postcards (see? this is what happens when nobody is complimenting me :-) )

Note, that I have reordered photos here. Try to guess order they were taken in with help of blueness of the sky (and no cheating with numbers in file name!)



In left side picture I liked as distant tree is apparently growing from castle. But it took me long time to get it, because there were many people standing in the way. It took me some time to realize they are waiting for toilet that is partialy visible. Well, I need to train my patience and everybody needs to start somewhere :-)
DSC_1164_raw      DSC_1187_raw




Black swans were guarding perimeter...

and they liked being photographed