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Norway Day 3 - beautiful fjords and mountains

Added: September 07, 2008

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Sunday 20th of July starts as cloudy with ocassional blue patches in the sky. One of main highlights of our trip in Norway should happen today - cruise in Geiranger fjord.

I appologise for tons of photos here. I just could not edit them tighter.

Wonderful day is not over yet!

We landed in harbour. It is not Valldal directly (at least Google Maps shows it 8km furher in the valley). It is beautiful here.

We do not see any booth selling cherries here, but we see booths with strawberries! Localy grown and ripe. I stil wonder how they can ripen so far to north. Probably some trick with Gulf stream and other geo tricks.


Beautiful nature have not said last word in Geirangerfjorden yet! And this time mountains do not remind us anything from Slovakia :-)

If you are planning your holidays in Norway do not skip Trollstigen as we nearly did. Somehow, I did not find the right photos thus I considered it as unnecessary diversion. Fortunatelly Zuzka is here to help in such situations :-) It took her some time to persuade us without any photo proof, but she succeeded. I am glad she did!

We are going up there, somewhere.

For those who do not believe me strawberries are growing here! I could take photo of actual berries, but you would not believe how quickly we ate them. I could not risk using only one hand while 2nd one would handle camera ;-) And maybe you would say they were imported. But seeing heraldic representation should convince everybody.

For those who do not believe me wonderful mountains are ahead.



11 hairpin bends with 9% decline is ahead. Similar to Geiranger, but road is narrower here.



These bends are enhanced by 2 waterfalls falling through them. Overal photo of one plus detail of bridge over stream.
DSC_7211_raw      DSC_7213_raw

We have met guy with two Canons wired together to make stereoscopic photos at this place. Now I know what I want for Christmas ;-) (No! You guessed incorrectly - not Canon :-D )

We did not stay at this place. We've just bought a few postcards, some other things and I've bought terrible CD :-(


We did not stop in Åndalsnes. This section is meant only to localize place and group following photos.







We continued to Ålesund. Basically it is huge diversion from general direction we want to go because it is in the west. But we wanted to see it. It is nice, build in Art Nouveau style. There are many islands aroud and it is possible to climb hill to see it from top. Something we've missed in Bergen. Enough of reasons to go 100km in wrong directions :-)

Unfortunatelly low clouds were covering everything thus photos are not as from tourist materials. Additionally tourist guide described a few good restaurans in Ålesund so we looked forward for nice meal (at least Peter and me). But 2 good one were closed, the third was not satisfying regarding local specialites and everything else was terrible. When we returned to that 3rd one later it was full. We were not alone among tourists going helplessly from place to place (it is pity we ignored those tell tales signs in the beginning), so there is something deffinitelly wrong with Ålesund!

Finally we returned to our hostel and used our supplies. At least this hostel was great. One of the best we have been in Norway. Really friendly and helpful staff.



DSC_7243_raw      DSC_7244_raw


Photo taken from Fjelstua. Visibility could be better.

This photo shows out hostel. Who will spot it as first? ;-)