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Norway Day 3 - beautiful fjords and mountains

Added: September 07, 2008

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Sunday 20th of July starts as cloudy with ocassional blue patches in the sky. One of main highlights of our trip in Norway should happen today - cruise in Geiranger fjord.

I appologise for tons of photos here. I just could not edit them tighter.

Cruise in gorgeous fjords

We got to Geiranger and we have still some time to get short lunch. From information table we learned it is better for us to buy family ticket instead of adult ones. But price difference is not very high. Still, it feels good ;-)

We always talked about cruise in Geirangerfjorden, but in reality we are going to cruise in 3 fjords! It takes about 2 hours to get there. There are also shorter cruises and different kinds of ships, but we selected one that will take us along our planned route and with car, of course.

Unfortunately they do not have information signs at borders of individual fjords (or maybe they have, but I did not take photo of them ;-) ). Hence I am not able to split photos into different sections perfectly, I can only guess. But I hope you will not mind.

It was quite cold so we did not stay all the time at the deck, but I hope I have not miss many photo opportunities.


There are numerous waterfalls falling directly into fjords, especially into Geirangerfjorden. Because this ship is meant for tourists it broadcasts description what can be seen around. But I did not take notes (of course :-) ) so I cannot identify all waterfalls in following photos.



DSC_6911_raw      DSC_6922_raw

Seven Sisters waterfall. (I would say Seven Sisters is very popular geographical name in the world. You can find different place with same name in this blog and I know one more).
DSC_6949_raw      DSC_6988_raw


DSC_7026_raw      DSC_7043_raw


I've realized that I forgot to switch back to automatic focusing after shooting with manual over Geiranger. That means some of photos will not be sharp. I hope there will not be many of them.





There are many farms at every possible place. But all are abandoned now.



Sun is shining again, sky is covered with nice clouds and it looks different here. So I can I shoot like crazy again. Problem is that I was lazy to go car deck to flush my memory card before and it is too late now! I do not want to miss any opportunity now, thus I am deleting less sucessful photos.





We are getting closer to beautiful mountains. Yes!