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Norway Day 4 - the weakest day in Norway

Added: September 07, 2008

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It is raining in Ã…lesund on Monday 21st of July.

Our plan is to go to Molde to visit open air museum there, then continue to Mardalsfossen and finally to arrive into Sunndalsøra.

We speculated to go more to north from Molde to see Atlantershaveien - very nice road with bridges between small islands but that would need additional 100km so we decided against that. If we knew Mardalsfossen will not be good and we will arrive to hostel sooner than we did any other time before (or after) we might decide differently.

Ferry to Molde

We used ferry from Vestnes to Molde. This time I ventured to deck to snap some pictures. You can see weather is not getting better.



Ferry going other way.


We have been to open air museum in Molde. I decided to show only a few photos because it is not the last one in Norway :-)

Molde has interesting underground parking lot. It looks like tunnelling apprentices built it during their internship :-)

Following photos are from open air museum.



This one is tiny, but nobody wanted to go there to help with showing a scale.

Like this one, but this is not in museum anymore.

Molde is town of roses. They are everywhere.

Road to Mardalsfossen

Our next stop will be at Mardalsfossen. To get there we need to go along Eresfjorden and Eikesdalsvatnet - quite long and narrow lake. We wanted to continue by different road after seeing Mardalsfossen, but because it is raining and clouds are quite low it does not make sense to try mountain road. We would not see anything and even we could get lost (like 2 days ago - gps navigator tried to persuade us to use some terrible road (probably old one) even we have seen "shiny" new road ahead of us). So we decided to return by the same road.




I always appreciate freshly served food :-)

Mardalsfossen waterfalls

Mardalsfossen waterfalls was once the 6th tallest waterfall in Norway. Then they decided to use it for power plant and now it works only in summer - for tourists.

It would be very impressive if weather allowed :-(

The clearest photo of Mardalsfossen possible today.

Notice upper drop barelly visible through clouds. If you want better view than this use google. On the way back I got another shot, but visibility of upper drop is even worse.
DSC_7373_ds1_raw      DSC_7393_raw


View of Eikesdalsvatnet.