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Norway Day 5 - Hell is not so bad

Added: September 09, 2008

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For those who came here attracted by title - you can just skip to the end.

Tuesday 22nd of July is fair weather again. Our plan expects us to travel about 380km today. Thus we are going to enjoy sunny weather mostly from car. But we plan to spend some time in Trondheim so we are glad it is not raining.


Only couple of photos from Sunndalsøra. Yesterday, as we arrived it was heavily raining, taking photos was out of question. They are taken from grounds of hostel/hotel/camp.

We stopped in town to get supplies. Only basic things that will survive traveling temperatures and do not need to be cooked. We haven't had cherries or strawberries for some time now, I am starting to miss them :-)



Road to Trondheim

We did not divert anywhere during our travel to Tronheim. Only one stop for photo, one petrol station, one (or two?) geocache and that's it. But I am sure there are nice places to explore around.



Open air museum in Trondheim

I told you last time there will be more open air museums. And this one is not the last :-)

We could see Sami houses here. Nice!

Entrance to museum.


Some role plaing for children was happening inside. That should explain buggies sufficiently ;-)

I've spied a bit in area of green house building :-) Ecological, probably cheap, but mainly quite attractive... :-)

... and with private garden!

Sami lived (are living?) in these houses. This one was for summer. The one in the back is winter model.

Storage built by Sami people. Looks like house from one classical russian fairy tale - Morozko.


We stayed longer in Trondheim than just to visit open air museum.

We went to see cathedral (from outside), old colorful houses along river and of course some restaurant. We wanted to see Royal Residence too (the biggest wooden palace in Scandinavia), but we came too late.

The first photo shows Nidarosdomen Cathedral.
DSC_7500_raw      DSC_7471_raw






I don't get it. Why all birds I take photo of stay on one leg? And if you don't get why it is looking out of photo, then I can help you. Trick is that those photos that were framed correctly are either blurry or that critter hid its head, thus this one is my best...

This it that wooden Royal Palace.


We had short stop in Hell. We could not stop at sign saying Hell, thus we went to train station and had some cheap chuckles there. But we avoided Hell's shopping centre :-D

Do you wonder why they named it Hell? Well, it means something else in Norwegian... "luck" :-)

DSC_7540_raw      DSC_7545_raw

DSC_7541_raw      DSC_7542_raw


After many hours of driving we are close to Grong. It is quite late, it is getting darker, but shortly before reaching Grong we have the last attraction for today. Waterfall Formofoss.

Small diversion, but well worth of it. Very nice small waterfall with attractive rocky banks full of colours.

And if you are into fishing, that might be good reason to get here too.



Wonderfully carved rocks. Good job, water! Unfortunately it is not visible here.

I was so attracted to colours of rocks I just forgot to zoom to waterfall. Now it does not look very impressive :-(