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Norway Day 2 - waterfalls, mountains and summer skiing

Added: September 06, 2008

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Saturday 19th of July we woke up to weather as was forecasted even I refused to believe it will be cloudy previous day. Well, it was. End of blue sky and good photos...

Some waterfalls are planned for this day, 2 national parks, old wooden churches, we will go through interesting tunnels and there are some alternatives. It depends on time, but we have no illusions that this time we could progress faster :-) And of course - cherries has been added unexpectedly to our daily menu yesterday.

We need to get to Bøverdalen in the evening.



Two photos from Lofthus. Both taken at hostel in the morning. As you can see blue sky is history. And our trip only starts.




It is still morning and Eidfjord - small town is deadly quitet. We cannot get into information office to get some hints because it opens at 10am! But it is still better than how tourist guide describes this place - as busy with tons of tourists.

It is surrounded by high mountains, but they do not look very atractive with currect weather :-(


Detail of slope on previous photo. Interesting texture.



Vørringsfossen waterfalls are nice waterfalls in Hardangervidda National Park. Road from Eidfjord gets to them through series of interesting tunnels - spiralling up to hill like giant corkscreww created it. I really liked it. During my preparation I could not make sense from roads shown at Google Maps here, now I know what that means :-)

One of the waterfalls - Vørringsfoss, has 182m.

DSC_6452_raw      DSC_6455_raw



Back to Voss

We passed through Voss yesterday. We are going to get there again and continue to north from there. Original plan for yesterday was not to go through Voss to avoid repetition, but gps navigator decided we are going that way. It was probably better road so we were glad - it was Friday and roads were full.

So we are going to use the same ferry we used yesteday, then through same 6km long tunnel, then we will miss again opportunity to take photo of nice waterfall road passes around (serpentines and long queue of cars from ferry behind us disallowed us to stop).

Taken while waiting for ferry. I wish I had similarly beautiful view while waiting for bus in Cardiff.

Country near Voss


This waterfall surprised us. We did not expect nice waterfall like this here. Marketing probably failed, because we only concentrated at those taller than 150m :-) Of course we were aware that we will see a lot of waterfalls. They just happen with steep mountains as are all around us.



I have wasted a lot of shutter actuations to take this photo. It was raining, lens was pointed up and I always ended up with some raindrops.