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Iceland Day 8 - Northwest Iceland

Added: August 19, 2008

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We plan to spend Saturday 21st of June in Northwest Iceland. Beautiful weather started later yesterday and it is the same today.

We need to travel a lot today again, there is no chance we could reach our destination Reykir soon. But there should be plenty of light as we have learned from previous days. Not to mention it is Summer solstice today.

Road 82, Siglufjörður and Skagafjörður

Road 82

Only way to get out of Ólafsfjörður by car without returning to Dalvík is to use road 82. Now it looks like it is something terrible, but I did not mean that. The point is, that a new tunnel should be open to Siglufjörður in 2010 or so. Because our time machine is broken, we need to use what is ready :-) Even it means a lot more kilometers.







Siglufjörður is small town in fjord with the same name.

It is nearly end of Iceland (until that tunnel is open). We came here as result of mistake. We thought there is something here based on displaced text next to photo in some book Zuzka had seen in bookstore.

But still it is very nice place, worth of visit and having weather as it is now is even better. I am sure it will be more attractive for visitors after opening that tunnel. We have checked local Herring museum showing that it was once busy place and took a lot beautiful photos.





One of 3 buildings belonging to Herring museum.


After return from our side trip to Siglufjörður we can continue with our journey to hostel at Reykir. There are still many kilometers to go and a new plan is forming in Zuzka's head.



That could be island Málmey, but I am not sure (it was 2 months ago, oh yeah, I am really behind).