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Iceland Day 8 - Northwest Iceland

Added: August 19, 2008

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We plan to spend Saturday 21st of June in Northwest Iceland. Beautiful weather started later yesterday and it is the same today.

We need to travel a lot today again, there is no chance we could reach our destination Reykir soon. But there should be plenty of light as we have learned from previous days. Not to mention it is Summer solstice today.

Along Eyjafjörður

Beautiful snowy mountains on the left, blue fjord on the right, green grass on both sides of road and Sun in the blue sky. That's how it looks here.

Other bank of Eyjafjörður

We returned to other side of fjord shortly to find some geocaches and to take advantage of better position of sun to Akureyri.



Road to Dalvík

It is 10am, Bonus is opened now, we buy a few things, the layer cake that IKEA sells is one of them. And again we are going to places we have not seen before.

We are stopping often, seriously enjoying sunny weather in gorgeous country.










Dalvík is a town about 34km from Akureyri. We decided we are going to check if the boat trip to Grímsey is possible (spoiler: no, not at Saturday).

No problem, we have long journey ahead of us. Zuzka takes a few photos of local houses she likes a lot. I prefer photos where nature is in prime role (but a building can be the centre of interest).

These photos probably do not show it clearly, but Dalvík is really town with streets and everything. And nice one.





Our next destination ("stop" would not be the best word to use here) is town Ólafsfjörður. Another imperfection I am going to allow is putting it into Eyjafjörður chapter, even it has its own Ólafsfjörður (fjord). But it is close and I need to put it here to better balance content of chapters.

To get here from Akureyri you need to use either boat or use one-lane tunnel with several places for avoiding cars coming from Ólafsfjörður.


We did not spend any time to explore other attractions of this town. These nice cottages just happened to be along the road :-)