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Towns of Milos

Added: January 01, 2014

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Μήλος was the 3rd island we visited during our trip around Cyclades in June. We picked it from other possibilities because it offers wonderful natural sights. It is volcanic island, but completely different from Santorini. I have mentioned white houses on Santorini and Folegandros. They were here too, but most importantly and surprisingly, natural wonders are white over here too.


Let's start publishing about Milos with less interesting photos and leave nicer one for later.

We arrived from Folegandros by ferry and accommodated in port Adamas. We went for short walk back to port shortly after, but our first trip on Milos was to Plaka.

We got there at about 7pm. We were interested in sunset, but we were not sure we will wait there, because the last bus back to Adamas was at 19:50, while sunset was about 20:40. Another curse of traveling out of official holiday season. If we came 1 or 2 weeks later, buses would behave more friendly and also they would take us to other places...

Just short walk uphill to Kastro made it clear. Forget the bus, we will pick a taxi. This is so cool place that we cannot possibly skip the sunset.
Plaka in Milos, Greece

Plaka in Milos, Greece



Then it begun. Half an hour before sunset the color of sky and also town has changed. Just compare following photo with the previous one. Quite a dramatic change. I took several photos of Plaka, churches around and also several HDRs of sunset. Very nice trip, indeed!

Plaka in Milos during sunset

Village Trypiti in distance.
Trypiti from Plaka's Kastro

Do you see that funny looking island at the left corner? It is former mine for manganese and I will show some photos next time.
Sunset at Plaka, Milos

Shortly after the show was over we packed and went down to town. We did not stop for eating or to see anything else, we were just looking for taxi stands. But somehow we failed. Not only that, I have noticed in Adamas that there were phone numbers at bus stops for taxi. But we could not find anything like that here.

So we went in general direction of Adamas (it was just a few kilometers away), but it was getting dark quickly and I did not download any offline maps of Milos before. Until Trypity it was fine, but then we got lost completely. Actually, looking at map now, we have been lost already in Trypity :-). But we went there because its church was quite visible from distance. We stopped occassional car or motorbike to ask for direction until we got to town where was taxi stand next to bus stop. But no taxi. Some people tried to help us, but eventually failed to call a taxi. Fortunately owner of nearby restaurant had better contacts and we did not need to walk whole way to Adamas in complete darkness.

Church in Trypiti.
Church in Trypiti, Milos


Following photos are from more than just single day. Adamas was not our priority, it was just our base camp. So it's main purpose was sleeping, eating and getting to other locations. It served its purpose very well.

This was the closest beach to our accommodation. We've been there twice. It was good for the first time, but the 2nd visit was not good at all. Too windy. I was surprised how big difference it was, because water was totally calm during the first stay.
beach in Adamas

My favorite bakery with good selection of baclava.





Following photos were taken from yacht to Kleftiko and back. I will write about that next time. The church depicted on the first 2 photos seemed interesting, but probably not enough, because I did not find time to come close to it during all 6 days in Milos. I maybe we have seen enough of nice churches during this trip and this one started to seem like ordinary one to me. Or maybe it was its location not far from us that made it less attractive. I don't know.