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Beaches of Folegandros

Added: August 04, 2013

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Beaches are probably not phenomena that attracts tourists to Folegandros. At least not most of them. Apart from some beaches around port Karavostasis all other are not very accessible. I don't mean those you need to use boat to get there, just those accessible by walking 20 minutes from bus stop or even more if you don't settle for the first one.

BTW, plural in title might suggest there will be "analysis" of many beaches, but you cannot do that in 3 days. So 2 beaches must be enough. I am sorry for that.

Angali beach

To be fair, a bus is going to Angali beach. During season. We came early about one week. So for us it was 20 minutes walking down hill from bus stop. Not bad for absolving once. But I would not do that many times in case we stayed at Folegandros longer time. With 3 days we did not have any time to return :-)

The best thing about this beach was the cliff on its east side. That means we had good shade until about 11.30am when we packed and went back.

Angali beach is down there. At the end.
Angali beach in distance, Folegandros

Angali beach, Folegandros

Angali beach, Folegandros

Even donkeys know they should find a cover at noon. Really, when we arrived in the morning they were elsewhere.
Donkeys cooling down in shade, Folegandros

Bus trip to Ano Meria

When we returned to bus stop it was not coming. How is that possible? We came 15 minutes earlier, it's not possible it is gone.

No, it was not gone, shortly after it, the bus came from other direction. We did not hesitate much and jumped in. Let's go to Ανω Μεριά. We planned to go there later, but we can check it out if it is worth of proper visit. Ano Meria is much bigger tha Chora, it is spread out on several kilometers, but it has probably less houses than Chora.

When we reached terminal stop, we handed a bus driver another stack of coins and asked to get back to Chora. It was not about being unimpressive, we just did not see what we could do there for couple of hours until next bus comes.

To be responsible traveler, I have picked my camera and made a few photos from window. At the end, we saved a lot of time we could use better.

Church in Ano Meria, Folegandros


You might be able to spot Chora at the top of cliff. But it is not visible well at this size.

Beach in Karavostasis

We have checked out at noon from Kamares and were offered possibility to leave our baggage in minivan of owner, waiting at Coral Apartments in Karavostasis until 6pm. Our ferry to Milos was scheduled at 7pm.

So we could spend some time in Karavostasis for eating and mostly for a beach. Unfortunately it was cloudy and windy for couple of hours, but eventually it got better. Couple of photos from Karavostasis follow.






And also a few photos of Karavostasis. I think Karavostasis is much smaller than Chora and from previous and following photos you have seen most of it. But I might be wrong.