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Added: August 04, 2013

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For such a small island I wanted to show too many photos. They would not fit into single post and my original approach with several pages per post was not very successful - people haven't noticed there is another page (at least those looking at photos). So now I try to separate them in individual posts.

That leads me to this small and potentially strange post - about our accommodation in Chora and about nearby church. What links them together is direct visibility from one to other.


Let's start with our accommodation. It was one of the cheapest in Chora. Definitely it was the cheapest during our trip. But it was nice and with nice character.

What could be discouraging for some is the size of studio and also its location. It is outside of town, there are only two more houses further away and petrol station. But, in reality, it is not big deal, because it is just 200m from town, and another 200 or 300m to center. Chora is such a small and cute town :-)

We had leftmost cube. It contains bedroom, kitchen and bathroom.
Kamares, Chora, Folegandros

Kamares, Chora, Folegandros

And here is the link to the Church of Panagia. A view from Kamares.
Church of Panagia, Folegandros

One more view during night.
Kamares with Church of Panagia in distance, Folegandros

It is pity I did not take any photo from inside while everything was tidy. It was the last opportunity and I missed it. So I cannot show you how cute it was inside. White and blue decoration, bed was on "stone slab" and it simply looked very well. There was no possibility to eat inside, but there were 2 benches and tables from outside. Just pick one that is in shade.

Church of Panagia

I went up there twice. Both times for sunset. I don't know what tricks they are using in Chora, but it was not as far as it seemed to be. So I enjoyed both trips. There is also very good walkway starting at the first square so I cannot say it is hard to get there. The first time I was in hurry, so I lost my breath, but I decided to go at 8pm and I was afraid I will miss nice light. Next time we went 30 minutes earier and it was relaxing walk.





Sunset at Church of Panagia

I have promised I will show photo of cliff below Chora in the last post. Let's start with that. You can see there also terraced field on the right I have shown in the last post. And you can see nearly whole Chora here. Now, having paid my debt, I can continue with colorful images of setting sun.


The first time I was lucky to get sun setting behind remote island.

But the second time there were clouds in the way. Well, at least it was different this time, and not particularly worse.


Then I have also some photos of church. It is pity it has accessible roof and people use it for viewing platform. They drove me nuts. I hope I have ruined their sunset photos, because I did not move from their view while I was waiting for them to move out of mine.

Oops, maybe they waited until I leave... No, definitely they were not bothered by me. And they left shortly after sun was gone. So I got eventually my photo, but light was different from what I expected. But not bad.




These two are from the first visit.
PB0002361      PB0002358

As a conclusion - a view of Kamares from hill.