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Yacht trip to Kleftiko

Added: January 01, 2014

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Southern part of Milos is not accessible by car. But it offers very nice attractions well worth of visiting. What to do? Just pick from many boat trips! It takes whole day and Captain will also prepare a lunch for you.

Kleftiko and Sarakiniko (next post) were main attractions why we came to Milos. And if it is the only way how to get to Kleftiko than a boat sounds like a great idea.

It was calm day, sunny and quite hot, but with nice breeze caused by moving yacht it was very welcome. There were us, Dutch couple and 4 or 5 French. Plus captain and his brother to help.

We left Adamas at about 10:30, just 30 minutes late. At least that's how I interpret "leaving at 10am". Maybe it means "just arrive at 10am, we will do the rest". I have shown photos of Adamas taken during this trip in Towns of Milos so I skip everything about leaving the port. Shortly after getting out of port we stopped and picked life boat. It seems those cannot be in a port at all.


It was waiting us here...

Then we passed around early Christian Catacombs.
Catacombs, Milos

Village Klima

Next "stop" (we did not stop, but how to call it?) was at fishing village Klima. Colorful, nice, but inhabited only in summer.

It is below Trypity and if we continued in our miguided retreat from Plaka yesterday, we could visit Klima during night :-) Fortunately we were not so much confused and lost (or lost our mind).

fishing village Klima

fishing village Klima

Plaka. We've been there yesterday :-)
Plaka from Klima. Milos


Arkoudes is very interesting rock that resembles a rabbit. No, it resembles a bear! Rabbit! Bear!... Well, well, it resembles both, depending from which point of view you are looking. See for yourself. I offer more photos of single phenomena just to make sure whole transformation is believable.

I guess tourist business at Milos is happy for such skilled wind and other elements which prepared so interesting attraction. But it is a bit unfair it is offered just to those businesses with boats :-)







Following photos are from cliffs at Cape Vani. It used to be manganese mine. Wonderful colors and textures.

BTW I mentioned it in the last post regarding photo of sunset. This is that place...

Vani, Milos, Greece

Vani, Milos, Greece

Vani, Milos, Greece

texture of rock at Vani, Milos, Greece

From the other side.
Vani, Milos, Greece

Hidden beach at Sykia

We have been promised a secret beach, hidden inside a cave. It was pretty hidden for those not looking carefully, but unfortunately tour operators in Milos cannot keep their mouths shut and it was full of tourists :-) Just kidding...




We are in life boat and getting inside.

Inside of cave with beach.




Before we got into the cave we needed to go around the corner to moor there. It offered another opportunity to marvel at wonders of this planet. Black and white layers! Black is lava.





Finally we got to Kleftiko. We had long stop there, to enjoy swimming, followed by lunch and short excursion into nearby pirate cave.

Photos and postcards were right. This is really beautiful place. I really don't know what I could add.




PB0002968      PB0002975




A few photos from pirate cave follow. While I took tripod into Sykia, I did not attempt it here. First of all we were going much further in life boat and also there was no dry place inside. I cannot imagine installing tripod directly in life boat, with six strangers around me :-). So following photos are pretty weak.




On our way back we had one more stop for swimming. It was at Kalogries. Very nice swimming, but I did not get any nice photos.

Then I took several photos of Klima, Plaka and Trypiti from distance. I have used them for creation of panorama, but I am not going to show that either.

All in all, it was very well spent day and worth of money. We were also very lucky, because following day was very windy and that would be unpleasant on boat. It was quite bad to be at beach in Adamas that is shielded partially from south, while Kleftiko was getting direct hit.