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Waterfalls at Catlins

Added: April 08, 2010

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From Moeraki we sped to Catlins, completely skipping Dunedin. Cities are not what we came to New Zealand after. We wanted to see Purakaunui Falls and Peter found 2 more nearby.

When Zuzka and me are searching for places to go we are looking at photos in Google Maps, Google Earth, books and similar. On the other hand Peter checks where geocaches are. They are usually at interesting places and it happened many times he navigated us (pun intended) to wonderful places we missed.

This was our first encounter with rain forest and we liked it (it was not raining).

Ubiquitous ferns in forms and sizes you usually cannot see back home (more will follow).

Purakaunui Falls.

Matai Falls on the left, Horseshoe Falls on the right.
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