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Added: April 08, 2010

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During planning of our trip in New Zealand I had hard time to persuade Zuzka to accept big side trip to Moeraki. I wanted to see those famous boulders and she preferred other places - there are so many of them in New Zealand. Peter sided with me so she finally accepted. But everything was resolved in favour of Moeraki after we failed to book Milford Track for beginning of our trip. The first available slot was at 6th, so that we needed to spend more time in south - the side trip sounded better now.

Moeraki Boulders

All the fuss I was making was about following boulders falling off the cliff to the beach where they slowly decay. It happens near Moeraki village between Oamaru and Dunedin.

When we arrived it was terribly cloudy and whole place was overcrowded. Fortunately all boulders are spread in a few hundreds metres so it was possible to wait till people moved further away. Or to take more photo and then combine them (Zuzka did that, I am lazy to do this for this blog).

When we arrived to the end sun peeked out and we could start to retake all photos again :-) Thanks to this we got better photos, but also spent more time here we might miss later afternoon. It was fun, though.


I cannot help myself, but when I see this photo I can think only about ice cream. Straciatella and walnuts!

All of them will end up like this one. As you can see they are not solid rock, but some kind of concretion.




Life in Moeraki

At the other side of village is yellow-eyed penguin sanctuary and a seal colony. You find exact place thanks to lighthouse built for that purpose. Just kidding... but the lighthouse is there.

All following photos (apart from lighthouse) are taken from observation cabin and tightly cropped.