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Norway Day 9 & 10 - Oslo

Added: September 14, 2008

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We spent whole Saturday 26th and morning 27th of July in Oslo. Weather was unbelievable - clear sky and hot.

We bought 1 day Oslo Pass that allowed us unlimited travel by public transport and free entry to most of attractions in Oslo. Our exploration could begin.

I have a lot of photos from Oslo and I struggled for a while to decide how I am going to split it to pages. Previously used Morning/Afternoon won't work so I decided to make a split on areas of interest regardless time, location and how many times we have been there.

Culture everywhere

Final page about Oslo is dedicated to culture.

We were not allowed to take picture of all artistic hallucinations we have seen and I would not take them even if I was forced. This is for example case of museum of modern art (it was not even worth of noticing exact name of that sorry place). To compensate, I am going to show photo of dish I had :-)

Call me cultural barbarian, but I really prefer good meal over huge tapestry made of socks. Regardless of their color.


Opera House

Oslo's Opera House is the youngest opera house in the world. It was open on 12th of April 2008.

We came here to see its architecture. Architects tried to achieve better contact of people with something "posh as opera is" and I have to agree they succeeded. We attended guided tour on Sunday (it was the 2nd time we returned to the same place in Oslo - it had never happened before on our recent trips! :-) ). We have learned really interesitng insider things about opera in general and also regarding this particular one.

Look! People are everywhere around it.




DSC_8172_raw      DSC_8254_raw

Now, let's go to the roof!



One more view of Opera House with its busy transforming surroundings.

Vigeland Sculpture Park

The last place we have visited on Saturday was Vigeland Park. Sun was setting, making nice colors, but we could come 20 minutes sooner to have more time before sun set. It was very close to our guest house so it was also convenient to leave it as the last place to visit.

All sculptures here were done by Gustav Vigeland.

Nice atmosphere caused by setting sun and low smoke from barbecues happening all around.

DSC_8227_raw      DSC_8228_raw

DSC_8234_raw      DSC_8236_raw

Flight to home

Thank you to read through all my recordings about our trip to Norway. It is over now, but we will miss it for sure.