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Norway Day 8 - flight to Oslo

Added: September 12, 2008

Tags: Norway fjord photos
Friday 25th of July we are getting up soon again. Not as soon as yesterday, but we need to catch ferry to Bognes at 9pm (plus/minus). It is about 80km away and it is not highway anymore. This time we arrived 15 minutes before ferry leaving and we get only to 3rd queue.

After reaching Bognes we need to get to Bodø airport before 3pm. That is another 220km to go. I hope it is clear now why I do not have many photos from this day. Simply there was no time for that. And we arrived to Oslo quite late so there was not time to shoot there too.


We did not go to Bodø directly though. We made diversion to Saltstraumen. This time (without checking exact status) we hoped for calm water or at least reversed flow. It would be really disappointment if water was the same as 2 days ago :-) Well, we were lucky - water is still!

See? No whirpools whatsoever. It's magic! :-)

Last time I did not take overal photo of bridge over strait. At that time it was full of people watching maelstrom from there.