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Norway Day 9 & 10 - Oslo

Added: September 14, 2008

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We spent whole Saturday 26th and morning 27th of July in Oslo. Weather was unbelievable - clear sky and hot.

We bought 1 day Oslo Pass that allowed us unlimited travel by public transport and free entry to most of attractions in Oslo. Our exploration could begin.

I have a lot of photos from Oslo and I struggled for a while to decide how I am going to split it to pages. Previously used Morning/Afternoon won't work so I decided to make a split on areas of interest regardless time, location and how many times we have been there.

Ships everywhere

The first category I have choosen is dedicated to ships in any form we could find. Coincidentally most of photos here were the first I've shot, because we started with attractions in the same order. But later on it will contains a few photos that were taken elsewhere.

Viking museum

After going to centre to buy Oslo Pass we headed to Bigdøy Peninsula. We missed bus stop at Open air museum so we continued to Viking museum.

It contains 3 Viking ships. All of them were used as burial place and excavated later.

Museun from outside. Notice blue sky :-)

All photos from interiors today were hand held and I am happy they turned out well. You can be sure it was quite long exposures noticing fuzzy people. Another worse and unresolved problem with these shots is color of light. With more sources of light it is impossible (for me) to have accurate colors.

Detail of 2nd ship

Kon-Tiki museum

Do you remember adventurous scientist Thor Heyerdahl who built balsa raft Kon-Tiki and crossed 8000km in Pacific with it? Or his later later reed boat Ra II used for crossing Atlantic?

I was reading about him as boy and it never occured to me I could actually see them. Both these boats are shown here together with other things related to him. Highly recomended for all big boys :-)

Museum from outside.

Left photo shows statue from Easter Island. Right one shows Ra II.
DSC_8046_raw      DSC_8055_raw


Model of Tigris and photo of burning it at the entrance to the Red Sea.


Basement shows shark under Kon-Tiki.


I few photos from location near Kon-Tiki museum taken while waiting for bus.

We returned here in the evening by ferry as it was also covered by Oslo Pass and we thought we could see more here. Unfortunatelly buses were not going at that time anymore so we needed to return by the same ferry. There was, however, a glitch in this Plan B. For some reason (probably broken ferry) working ferry was not able to cope with many tourists wanting to get back so we waited in queue longer than one hour. We were able to get onto 3rd cruise. But at least low sun created very nice colors we would miss otherwise.




Fram is another museum featuring a ship. But we did not go there, it was not high on our priority list. Fram is the ship used for polar expeditions.

The photo on the right (as well as following one) was taken after returning from Bigdøy. These are colours I was talking about.
DSC_8071_raw      DSC_8221_raw