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Rhodes - Lindos

Added: April 23, 2014

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We have made day trip to Λίνδος while staying at Faliraki. Our plan was to visit acropolis, look around the town and spend some time on beach, or even better on two of them. We ended up at single beach and it took us whole day, we returned at night.

Lindos is definitely must for all people visiting Rhodes. It has everything - history, nice and busy town and last but not the least 2 wonderful beaches. This post will be about "human achievements", then following one will be about beaches.

The big parking lot and bus stop are outside of Lindos, on hill directly next to motorway. It is true OpenStreetMap shows bus stops also in the town, but there are not many buses servicing Lindos going down there. Most of them stop just at that parking lot. Then you need to walk down. It is not completely wasted time, it allows for interesting views.


I did not expect so wonderful sight. Or maybe it is just me and my appetite for small white houses packed together.

I don't plan to show any photos of narrow streets working also as tourist traps with their restaurants, ice cream or souvenir shops, because I have so many other photos to show.

Following 3 photos were taken from distance, from walk to acropolis or directly from acropolis. That's what attracts my attention most. Luckily I did not have long zoom lens, because I would be tempted to create huge panorama :-)

Lindos from acropolis, Rhodes

Lindos from acropolis, Rhodes


To Acropolis

We worked through the crowd as quickly as "traffic jams" allowed, with only 2 short stops at souvenir shops to see what we can expect later and also to check price ranges. Our main objective was to get to acropolis.

It is possible to walk there, or ride on donkey. Both means of transport are using different paths. We don't like to pay for animal cruelty and also I don't know what is Greek command for a donkey to stop and turn around to allow taking photo, so we walked :-)

As you get higher, it allows you to view nicely Lindos Main Bay with its beach, but photos of the beaches are scheduled for subsequent post.

Lindos main bay with donkeys

Donkeys in Lindos

Lindos main bay, Rhodes

Lindos main bay, Rhodes

Original acropolis is from ancient Greece, but it was rebuilt in Roman times and also in medieval times. So the first thing you will see is a medieval castle. You need to pass through it to get to the acropolis.

Lindos, Rhodes

Medieval castle in Lindos, Rhodes

Medieval castle in Lindos, Rhodes      Medieval castle in Lindos, Rhodes

I have waited for this photo very long time. I got one, but exposure was not very good. Then it was not possible to fix my mistake, because there was always somebody there. I eventually decided to take more photos and merge them, but that would be very hard to do without tripod. Finally, 40 minutes later people got tired and stopped flowing into my view.
Lindos, Rhodes

Medieval castle in Lindos, Rhodes



Everything that looks nice in following photos is reconstructed. Ugly blocks are probably original.

There is an information table showing which parts of walls are new and which are reconstructed, but for me it was enough to learn what I said in the 1st paragraph. Just to make sure I am not misinterpreted: I like that reconstruction.

Medieval castle at Acropolis in Lindos, Rhodes

Acropolis in Lindos, Rhodes

Acropolis in Lindos, Rhodes

Acropolis in Lindos, Rhodes      PB0004597

Acropolis in Lindos, Rhodes

Acropolis in Lindos, Rhodes

The last 2 photos are from the evening. The first is before our dinner, actually before we knew we will have a proper dinner, because we were in hurry to catch a bus. But tout in restaurant promised us they will be quick and we will catch it.

Lamb Kleftiko. Yummy!

He was right, we would catch it if they told us that bus will not come down to town to bus stop where we planned to wait for it, but we need to walk up the hill where we started in the morning. So we missed it after all.

But that was not competely bad after all, because it allowed us to observe beautiful orange moon rise.