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Rhodes - Lindos beaches

Added: April 24, 2014

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This is my last post about our trip to Rhodes. It is about beaches in Lindos.

We have seen the first only from distance, even we planned to go there originally. But then we decided we like the other one more and went only there.

Beach we ignored

This one is in main Lindos bay. From distance it seems to be very nice, but shallow water goes quite far from shore. That might be, however, advantage for children.




I wanted to publish here also following panorama of whole bay, but unfortunately it will get obscured by navigation part of this page quite soon, when number of tags and monthly list grows enough. Or maybe I could add another photo or type a lot of text. But that does not scale well, and this is not the first post where I have this problem. Maybe I should rethink whole design.

Panorama of Main Lindos Bay

St Paul's Bay

OK, technically, there are 2 beaches in this bay. One at each side of the bay. One is below acropolis and offers pretty nice view of other side of bay. The biggest advantage of this one is proximity of parking lot.

This is a view of St Paul's Bay from acropolis.
St Paul's Bay, Lindos

If you look up from the beach, you can see cliffs with acropolis at the top.
Acropolis of Lindos from St Paul's Bay

Small beach is located at left side.
St Paul's Bay, Lindos

The beach at the other side of bay offers much nicer view, at least in my opinion. Acropolis can be seen from better angle, with turquoise foreground of water surface. And then, there is also nice small church. And small taverna.


Acropolis of Lindos from St Paul's Bay

A little bit of zooming with dramatic light of setting sun.
Acropolis of Lindos from St Paul's Bay

That church. Apart from being quite nice, it is used also for weddings. I would even call it wedding manufacture. During our short stay we were witnesses (pun intended) of about 4 weddings. It is even more than we could see at Santorini. But I was not surprised. It was September and weather was rather warm. I was living in UK for 3 years so I can imagine that Britons prefer wedding in Greece than back home, especially in September :-)

Church in St Paul's Bay, Lindos

Here they are
Wedding at church in St Paul's Bay, Lindos

Another wedding 1h 25min later.
Wedding at church in St Paul's Bay, Lindos

And there is small taverna waiting for their wedding party.
taverna at St Paul's Bay, Lindos