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Rhodes - Faliraki

Added: April 22, 2014

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After spending 3 nights in Rhodes city and making trips to western coast, we moved to Φαληράκι on east coast. East coast is preferred by people wanting to spend their holiday at beach, because it has much calmer sea without strong winds which happen on western coast. I we can only confirm that. We did not see big waves here at all.

Even beach holidays are not my style, Zuzka likes them. So we spent some time hiking, traveling and also on beach. Maybe I will get used to beaches one day...

Let's start with photos of Faliraki in general, then I will move to beaches.

One of our hikes was a mistake. We wanted to go to Anthony Quinn Bay that is on the other side of nearby hill. I did misinterpret a map and even locals told us we need to go around the hill to get there I was sure we can use a footpath leading to hill and then some similar footpath at the other side to get to the bay. To my surprise it was rather steep on the other side and there was no hint of any trail. At least there was following small church and whole place offered very nice views of Faliraki and also of Anthony Quinn Bay.

Profitis Ilias

PB0004770      PB0004771


Anthony Quinn Bay
Anthony Quinn Bay from hill

Panorama of Faliraki from hill
panorama of Faliraki

Anthony Quinn Bay

After returning back from our failed attempt to get to Anthony Quinn Bay we had lunch and owner of hotel offered us a lift there. So before 3pm we got finally there. To my surprise I realized I forgot to take swimsuit. I went to the beach without swimsuit :-) Of course I did not forget take my camera! Fortunately, Anthony Quinn Bay is beautiful and camera satisfied my needs well enough. No wonder Anthony Quinn bought this place...

Anthony Quinn Bay, Rhodes

Anthony Quinn Bay, Rhodes

Anthony Quinn Bay, Rhodes

Anthony Quinn Bay, Rhodes

Anthony Quinn Bay, Rhodes

Anthony Quinn Bay, Rhodes

We have been there until sun set behind mountain then walked back home. If we left earlier, I could have a nice photo of Ladiko Beach located nearby, but it was in deep shade while going around it. It is not as beautiful as Anthony Quinn Bay/Beach anyway...

Mandomata beach

A few photos from Mandomata beach in Faliraki. I did not take any photos of others.