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Rhodes - strike at monastery

Added: April 15, 2014

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During our 3 days long stat in city of Rhodes we had a half a day for short trip. We decided to go to monastery Moni Filerimos. It is quite close so very well suited for time we had.

I was looking forward for this trip and especially for photos I could take there. But we happened to arrive during that 2 days strike I have mentioned in Rhodes. No, monks were not on strike. Just state employees like tour guides were. Enough for whole place to be closed.

At least there was a park, actually alley, still available. At at other end of it there was huge concrete cross with staircase inside and viewing platform at the top. So I could take some photos of surroundings. It offers very nice views, because it is at the top of hill.

Cross with viewing platform. Interesting idea.
Cross viewing platform at Moni Filerimos, Rhodes

Monastery is at the other end of alley. Next photo is zoomed a bit.
Moni Filerimos from viewing platform, Rhodes

Maxed out 70mm zoom and heavy crop allows for a "decent" view no possible from behind a locked gate.
Moni Filerimos from viewing platform, Rhodes




Peacocks to entertain you

There is one more attraction to point your cameras at for those unlucky visitors during strikes. The park is full of peacocks with their terrible voices, but nice feathers. Especially children were enjoying them.

Peacock in park outside of Moni Filerimos.
PB0004442_crop      Peacock in park outside of Moni Filerimos.

I was a little bit disappointed with this trip, just because I was looking forward to see some architecture that was not crumbling away. But I can say it was still quite nice trip. And maybe I would be disappointed also if we could get in, because blue color on previous "detailed" photo suggests some reconstruction was pending, so photos I was hoping for would not happen and maybe the place was crumbling away after all ;-)

It is pity the world is so big and life so short that I will not get another opportunity to visit it again, and properly :-)