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Tenerife - Anaga Mountains

Added: August 20, 2011

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We never heard about rain forests in Tenerife. And when you look at a map, it looks like Northwestern part of Tenerife is not interesting at all. Fortunately we had Lonely Planet and it mentions Anaga Mountains in its Higlights section. Especially Zuzka was, for some reason, interested in this region and persuaded me to check it out too.

OK, let's go there, now we just need to find a nice walk over there...

Chinobre Walk

Google helped us with that. I has preview of Walking in Tenerife: 70 selected walks on the coasts and in the mountains of ... and Chinobre walk seemed like easy and satisfying walk.

Well, we were satisfied. Even Peter who told us on New Zealand "Next time you are going to plan a hike in rain forest, don't count with me". OK, this one was less than 3 hours, while Milford Trek was 3 days long. A small difference and what a change in attitude. Plus it was not raining, just drizzling for a short time.

Only disadvantage for photographers like me was, that we have not seen any sun rays coming through low cloud spread in canopy. I guess it was too cloudy for that.

The road from Santa Cruz de Tenerife was interesting. We did not go through San Cristóbal de La Laguna, but to the northeast from Santa Cruz. It was all the way up hill with lot of serpentines. In the begining we went through dry area with cacti, but slowly it got more green until we reached summit and we could see lush vegetation all around us. That was impressive change.

Anaga mountains - rainforest around you


Taganana below us.



Walking Chinobre Walk

I am not going to describe a lot of details about this walk, you can read them on google books. I just want to show photos of this place. A lot of dense and twisted foliage with moss, overhanging over slippery footpath - it was very nice.







House Leek as we know it from home. But this one is much bigger. And while I was looking up its name in English I had learned that juice from its leaves is good disinfection and it helps healing otitis media and other nuisances :-)
House Leek on Tenerife

There were not many outlooks along the way. If I remember correctly, there was just one in the first part of walk, but the view was foggy, so I forgot about it immediately. But we hoped there will be good one later on. And it was. Very nice viewing platform opened at the top, with views to the sea, mountains and also to Santa Cruz!

All that slowly moving and low hanging clouds added a lot to final impression of rain forest. But it let me wondering how it looks like on nice day. How far can be seen? And the most important question I don't have answer for: How Pico del Teide looks from here? (I expect it should be visible)



Wow, even its flower is huge!
Flowering House Leek on Tenerife      DSC_4961


I took this photo for its misty effect. As an added bonus we can see Santa Cruz de Tenerife in the distance.

Then we continued down, this time we got into mist and I started to hope for sun rays again. In vain. But regarding mist and foliage - I was fully satisfied. It could not get better.


Glimpse of Rogue de Anambro in mist. It used to be a shrine for original inhabitants of these islands - Guanche. Mist did not spoil that idea much.
Rogue de Anambro in mist      DSC_4992


Then we got to another viewing platform, this time I would just repeat similar photos, so I am not going to show any. We were lower, clouds were high again, so no much mystery apart from those "caves" looking like a loo or bus stops along the way. And the final part of walk was not interesting at all.

DSC_5019      DSC_5027