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Tenerife - San Cristóbal de la Laguna

Added: August 20, 2011

Tags: Spain architecture city photos
After we finished our Chinobre walk we went to San Cristóbal de la Laguna. Just a short stop to see its historic center with colorful buildings. It attracts Zuzka as an architect and me as a photographer. We had a lot of green today, it is time to get some reds and yellows too.

On our way to La Laguna we stopped in some restaurant for lunch. To our delight they served a goatling or cabrito in Spanish. We did not prepare especially for this vocabulary, but goat cheese (queso de cabra) was our favourite self-catering stuff, so we were able to recognize it. We like goat cheese and it was much cheaper than in Slovakia.

What else is cheap in Tenerife? you could ask. Well, that is easy - petrol. And car rentals are not expensive too. There are so many competitors there.



When I took this photo it was just amusing to me. But thanks to magic of blogging I've done some investigation and learned House Leek had been thought to protect against thunderstorms. So now I know there are bulls in South America, dragons in China and nice flowers here (and probably rest of Europe).
House Leek protecting against thunderstorms

Do I need to mention again I am fascinated by doors and windows? :-)
DSC_5049      DSC_5053

Lonely Planet encourages travelers to look into courtyards in this and other towns of Tenerife. I am not very good at intruding foreign courtyards, but this was at information center, so it was not very hard to visit.