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Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Added: August 20, 2011

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I did not post anything new for a while. There were so many distractions and things to do during last couple of months, I simply could not find enough time (and I still cannot find it for other things, but I am going to post about our recent trips now).

We were thinking about visiting Tenerife while we were still in UK, but at that time we considered just single weekend due to all holidays being spent before. That did not work out well, so we jumped on an opportunity back home when I learned there will not be enough work at my job in May. It nicely coincided with Ryanair opening the route from Bratislava to Gran Canaria in April. We decided to go for a week. Perfect!

We arrived to Gran Canaria Airport and took another short flight to Tenerife. We arrived late afternoon and to our disappointment it was raining. But before we got to our hotel it was hot again. That is how unstable the weather is on North side of Tenerife.

Auditorio de Tenerife

The main point to visit Santa Cruz de Tenerife for Zuzka was to see Auditorio de Tenerife, the opera house designed by Santiago Calatrava. And that was also the reason why we considered to come here just for the weekend. It would be enough for her. But Tenerife has much more to offer, as will be shown (I wanted to write proved ;-) ) in following posts.

Naturally our first walk lead to Auditorio. It was evening, already dark, and somehow we did not understand each other well and I left my camera at hotel thinking we are just going to walk around centre and get some drink. So I have no photos from that evening. Even with my camera I would not be fully satisfied, because they turned off the lighting shortly after we arrived (10 or 11pm? I don't remember)

Next day we went again, this time fully equipped with all my gadgets. BTW, the first sight of this building while we were going to our accommodation yesterday was quite disappointing - gray, raw concrete looking terribly below gray sky. That however turned to be incorrect first impression. In proximity, with shining sun it is amazingly shining building. And as I learned during guided tour, the raw and unfinished concrete of inside and also inner side of overhanging arch is signature of Calatrava. And I would say that also about the outside clad with irregular tiles (similar were also in his buidings in Valencia).

Auditorio de Tenerife

Opera house in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

We were told the tip of the huge arch moves in the wind with difference of 6m!
Auditorio de Tenerife


Let's see some shiny details. There are many different angles you can see it from. It is pity it was not allowed to take photos inside (and for those ignoring this request it is better to avoid publishing them).





And this shows how whole trick with shining is done.

The Opera house is located near the sea, with quite ugly city buildings at one side, harbour at other and quite small but nice Castillo de San Juan just next to it. I like contrasts of new and old.






Glimpses of Santa Cruz

Satisfied with Auditorio we went back to city for lunch and to see more. There is one thing I still remember and I am glad we found it - very tasty soup called Salmorejo Cordobes. Most surprising part (apart from that it tastes so good) is that it is cold and not cooked. Perfect enhancement of our cooking repertoire.

There was another surprising thing in Santa Cruz. People in restaurants have problem with English and it is very hard to find some place where you can get long drink. What's wrong with that place? We eventually found one restaurant and we think they went to google to check what Mojito is and whether they could try to make it. Nearly successful attempt, compensated with volume you would not get elsewhere, so we did not complain.




Trees and greenery in general is fantastic in Tenerife. I liked those dense trees looking like big broccoli from distance.
DSC_4574      DSC_4572