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One more from UK - Cardiff under snow

Added: December 18, 2010

Tags: Cardiff UK photos
I did not expect this. Heavy snow and blue sky. It would be mistake to ignore such an opportunity. Well, I was lazy to go out yesterday evening to capture fresh snow and Christmas lights in the centre and also to get some rich colours of sunrise today... But I went out eventually!

Around our house

Let's start with some photos from Grangetown where we lived for the last couple of years. It wasn't the best place to live at, but we had fantastic landlord we spent many hours discussing about everything, starting with (ehm ehm) politics and ending with cosmology. And it was conveniently near centre and shopping.

I could see this from window in the kitchen.

The same spot several hours later, nice shadows.



Interesting, I have never noticed this graffiti, I needed help of snow to spot it :-)

City centre

Let's see how it looks like around castle. St. Mary Street is not very impressive, maybe I should return in the evening. Overruled, I am flying tomorrow, there are other things to do, like vacuum cleaning and worse.

Then I am going to check City Hall and Wheel and back home...

I was passing Millennium Stadium daily. It was hardly ever interesting for me. Maybe once or twice when I did not have my camera and the water was totally calm with nice reflections. Snow and leaving Cardiff might be good reason for couple of photos...



I knew Cardiff Castle will not disappoint me.
Cardiff Castle with snow


Cardiff City Hall with Wheel