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Ystradfellte - Easter

Added: April 08, 2008

Tags: waterfalls


I have been to Ystradfellte 3 times and I am sure I will return again. It is area containing a lot of waterfalls and I have not seen them all yet.

Going there in this spring time was interesting experience. Weather was quite unstable, we had sunshine, raining, hailstorm several times in those 2.5 hours. As a bonus there were places there full of mud which is not surprising after lot of raining in previous weeks. On other side it helped to richness of waterfalls. I had not seen them so forceful before.

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Greetings from wet and windy Cardiff! This is my postcard 1.0 (or better 0.5 :-) ). Finally, I was able to get to some sight-seeing here at March 7th-9th. Pictures follow, some also with explanation. The original idea to keep it like postcard with 3-5 pictures failed due to incorrect scope estimation :-(

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Blog application should be online now

Added: April 06, 2008

Tags: info

So I finally created and deployed blog application. This post has nothing with pictures, it is to welcome you here.


There might be some serious problems as this is my first serious Rails application. I will try to get rid of them as soon as possible.

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