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Kaikoura Bus Encounter

Added: May 02, 2010

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After leaving Christchurch on Friday 15th of January we are heading to Hanmer Springs. We don't have many things in our plan for today. Spending some time in thermal pools of Hanmers Springs will be good during this cloudy weather and then we need to get to Kaikoura. We are planning to swim with dolphins there with Dolphin Encounter, Kaikoura.

Hanmer Springs

There is nice thermal pools resort in Hanmer Springs. They have several pools, with water temperature varying between 36 up to 42°C. There are also pools with cold water, but we did not bothered to try them.

Country side around Hanmer Springs is very nice, hilly, but the weather was not good enough to stop for taking photos (to our liking). If it was sunny we would spend much more time around.

After leaving Hanmer Springs afternoon I called to Kaikoura Dolphins Encounters to confirm our reservation for tomorrow and they told me weather is not very good and swimming was cancelled today. Not very good news.

We arrived to Kaikoura quite late in the evening, weather was worse than during day, dense clouds were everywhere. Good time for a nice dinner, but not so much for exploration of surroundings.

sheep in grass

Lllamas are apparently more popular here than just to show them in Zoo only.

Coast near Kaikoura.


We got up early next morning. Check-in for swimming with dolphins was at 8:25. We did not arrive as the first, there was already a queue at counter. And behind the counter was big display with BAD WEATHER, EXPECT SEA SICKNESS. Hmm, we were looking forward to it for long time, let's try it, we decided. Alternative was a full refund.

We collected our wet suits and watched instructional video. Then we got into bus and headed to a port. Boats were on a shore and we boarded 2 of them. A guy started to explain Safety & Stuff, but another staff member came suddenly to tell us fishermen have just called about worsened weather and the waves got too big, thus trip has been cancelled. Thank you for having a bus ride with us, though. You can rebook your trip to other day or get full refund. Unfortunately our planning never allows for such things - we need to move on :-(

To Nelson NP

We returned our wet suites, jumped to the car and carried on with our trip. Zuzka was especially sad about whole outcome.

Country between Kaikoura and Blendheim is wonderful. Rocky coastline is replaced with yellow hills with vineyards, darker mountains are in distance. I liked it a lot.

Shortly after Blenheim we bought very nice, big and tasty cherries directly from orchard. Another thing where New Zealand reminds me our experiences in Norway.

vineyards near Kaikoura